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Same Hex, Different Look


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This is too odd - look at http://tinyurl.com/29a8qpl - for the maroon, I'm using #8f181c - but the background color in the navigation clearly looks different than in the footer. I thought it was just me, but the person I'm building this site for sees it, too, on a whole different computer.


I'm baffled.

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I know - it's driving me nuts - but it really is the same #8f181c and this is what I get



I just went into PSP to move the bottom box closer to the top, and once I had it at the top, the colors were the same. I can only conclude that it has to do with how a monitor is lit - it seems to be a bit brighter at the bottom, which makes the colors towards teh bottom a bit lighter than those on top.

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Are you using a CRT monitor? Color abnormality is common for monitors that has aged. In most cases using a demagnitizer will clear that up.


If using LCD, again, not uncommon for it to be off a bit in color. If I am not mistaken, some LCD have two bulbs..upper and lower. In most cases you can actually see lines of a page imprinted on the screen (screen burn) but that goes away and never really makes a permanant burn like CRTs do. You can simple turn off your LCD for about 5 minutes and all is new or just navigate away from whatever window you are on to another and it will soon clear up.


If the top of your LCD is brighter than the lower then it's possible the bulb may be getting ready to burn out. Typcially, it should give you about 20,000 hours or roughly about 5-6 years based on 10 hours a day usage. Some models last longer. I believe mine is 40,000 hours and at times I tend to have color distortion. Mine is going on 6 years old.

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No cache - I always had the same hex code. And the fact that the lower lighter color darkens as I move it towards the upper color in PSP also speaks against a cache. I really think it's just that the monitor is brighter towards the bottom.

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