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  1. You can see which service isn't starting: - Right click WAMP icon in your task bar - Go to Apache > Service. The "Stop Service" and "Restart Service" buttons should be active, and the "Start/Resume Service" button should be inactive. If that's not the case then your Apache service isn't starting. You can check "Apache error log" and see what's causing the conflict/issue. Most of the time it's IIS service's port conflict. - Go to MySQL > Service. The "Stop Service" and "Restart Service" buttons should be active, and the "Start/Resume Service" button should be inactive. If that's not the case then your MySQL service isn't starting. You can check the "MySQL Log" to see what's causing the issue. By the way, services don't start instantly. Depending on your computer speed, they may take a while to start. So when you first load WAMP, the icon will always be red, then turns orange after few seconds, then after few seconds turns green. So make sure you give it enough time to start. Also effectively after clicking "Start All Services" you should wait few seconds (30 sec maybe?)and if the icon doesn't go green, check each service and see which one isn't starting, check the error logs, and post them here if you have to.
  2. These sorts of advanced functionalities usually aren't included in any CMS. You usually get 3rd party plugins and *extend* your default CMS installation with the addons and plugins that you need. Joomla is quite nice and extensible, and there certainly are a lot of different plugins for it. But you don't need to install them on a Live website to test them. You can just install WAMP server on your computer and install Joomla and play around with the plugins. If you don't like it, uninstall it and try another one. Or try out the demos, or read the instructions, however way you go about it, the end result is: Find the right plugin that does what you need it to do. Also there's lots of places where you can scan the code for any hidden nasties with base64 encodes. And I don't know much about Google Analytics as it's not really my specialty, and I don't know if it can track Banner clicks, but Google Analytics as far as I'm concerned tracks *most things*, including the areas of your pages that have been clicked, where the users leave their cursors, how many visitors you get and where they from and what browser/OS they use, how they got to your site either via search engine or direct access etc. You can make reports based on a time/date selection to present to your clients/bosses, identify areas of improvement/optimisation etc... I would probably go for Google Analytics in any case, and if you found a nice Joomla component which tracks/collects user statistics too then it certainly *will help* rather than do harm i reckon. Hope this is useful.
  3. http://extensions.joomla.org ... On left hand side choose "Site Management >>" then choose "Site Traffic Statistics" or "Site Analytics". Choose component, download, play, uninstall if necessary, rinse and repeat until you find the one for you. That wasn't so hard now was it? But you're probably just better off using Google Analytics in the long run.
  4. You usually add your website to "Google Webmaster Tools" ... http://www.google.com/webmasters/tools Add your site, use one of the verification methods (meta tag, upload a file with specific name etc), and submit your XML sitemap. Then you can set how often google should crawl your site, see how many visitor's you're getting, and see which people clicked on your website from searching which term etc... Basically the title says it.
  5. BeeDev


    Imagecache IMCE Lightbox2 These are essential modules too.
  6. I think starting from wordpress 3.0 it's becoming more like a CMS, and you can indeed do all kinds of sites with it nowadays. But for me, and probably for other developers who worked with a CMS, Wordpress is still a "Blog" software, not a full blown CMS, and carries this stigma ... in my head Even though it is now. First impressions count
  7. Why do you have 200% width set on "h1.blogtitle, h2.blogtitle" ? It's making a scrollbar at the bottom of your page Venturing over 100% in css is pretty dangerous except for things like Line-height, font-size etc. Width/height wise it's really not recommended to use values over 100%.
  8. BeeDev


    Well I don't think you should use Drupal 7 yet, but it's up to you. I'd use D6 to start with Big thing for beginners to learn is how to use 2 modules, that really should be in core of Drupal 6: Views (http://drupal.org/project/views) CCK (Content Creation Kit) (http://drupal.org/project/cck) "Views" is basically creating custom front-end pages, from any content-type or combination of them, and you can save the results as a page/feed/block/xml etc... and even link to it from the menu. For example all these author and book pages are done with Views module: http://www.thehwa.co.uk/author/judith-allnatt http://www.thehwa.co.uk/book/poets-wife CCK is admin area module, basically lets you create custom fields and attach them to a content-type.
  9. json is easier to manipulate with javascript than pure HTML. However if you don't need to manipulate the returned data, then HTML is much easier. I think that's the main reason why some are HTML and some are JSon. It depends on what you need to do with the data. If you're just going to slap the returned table into an html element, then returning the data as HTML makes sense.
  10. BeeDev


    http://www.thehwa.co.uk/ This site's running Drupal 6 with Zen theme. /forum goes to a SMF forum http://www.toughstuffonline.com/ Drupal 6 with eCommerce http://www.beatingbowelcancer.org/ Drupal 6 with SMF I don't know any video tutorials, just have a book "Pro Drupal Development" by John K. Vandyk.
  11. Pseudo selectors like :hover :visited etc don't have any CSS weight I think. So: .siteNav2 #menuabout2 a carries same weight in importance as: .siteNav2 #menuabout2 a:hover So ... if you put: .siteNav2 #menuabout2 a:visited { color: red; } .siteNav2 #menuabout2 a { color: black; } the text will be black whether you visit it or not. The solution is to change the order simply.
  12. BeeDev


    I was really impressed with Drupal 6. I made one website with it so far, working on second and third at the moment (2 websites running off 1 core drupal). It's very modular, (very!) highly customizable, and it's module API is very very nice. Once you set it up and have it working, it runs like a charm. Although at first when you install it it may seem sluggish, once you go live and enable all the performance modules it's blazing fast.
  13. If you put variables in double quotes they usually get parsed instead of literal '$from' it will be replaced with the variable's value. So that doesn't make any difference. If your client is receiving this message then maybe something wrong with your server's PHP Mail() configuration?
  14. Sorry looks like they updated the plugin, the new version is here: http://jscrollpane.kelvinluck.com/
  15. http://www.kelvinluck.com/assets/jquery/jScrollPane/jScrollPane.html You can try using this to replace the default scrollbars with javascript ones. Might work, might not, but worth a try? You decide
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