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  1. I have resolved the problem thanks very much to the information above, pointing me in the right direction. However the solution may just be helpful to you other novices like myself. In my endeavours to learn website databases I had downloaded a Microsoft program (Silver Light) that already included a Web server program. By understanding that other programs for servers could interfere with the operation of the WAMP server, even if its files were located in be Programs File directory and WAMP was on the C Drive itself I went looking at my programs to see if some conflict was obvious, and it was. When I removed Silverlight program plus another program that had also installed web server software on my computer I found that the WAMP server program is functioning beautifully without any further correcting as suggested above. Thank you everyone for your assistance.
  2. I downloaded and installed the WAMP program from a website called www.wampserver.com. However it would not function and produced an error message. I am running Windows 7. I noted that the WAMP program literature mention only Vista and XP. The error messages are located on my web site at - http://www.ozsmart.com/wamp.html Could someone give me some assistance in this regards Thanks
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