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Launching Our New Killersites Affiliate Program!


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I am happy to announce that we are finally launching our brand spanking new affiliate program that allows you to start selling our growing collection of video tutorials.


Some details:


* Earn 20% on sales.

* Take advantage of world wide promotion: our videos appear in web related print magazines every month … published around the world.

* 6 months cookie tracking to ensure you get the credit.

* Payments sent monthly for earnings at $100 and over.

* Super easy to use system that will get you up and running in minutes.

* Real time tracking of sales and Clickthroughs.


I will be releasing more details and a few videos over the next few days. In the meantime, you are welcome to join up now:






Stefan Mischook

killersites.com Inc.

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I see affiliate links for the products in the store, but none for the subscription programs.

Is there an affiliate commission for promoting either the monthly or yearly subscription service?

If so, how do we get an affiliate link?

Thank you!

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