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How I can add Credit Card Payment Option in my Website?

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I need help or your suggestion for doing this. What are the processes for adding payment system by master card or debit card in a website? I mainly want it for online hotels booking and online car rental. I have credit/debit cart to take payments. People will not redirect to from my site to paypal or other site to complete the payment. I want everything will be done from my site. Is there anybody please teach me how to add credit card payments, directly from my site, they will enter their credit card details and pay.

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If you are already have a merchant account then you will need to have a cart to handle the payments plus you will need a SSL certificate which secures the transaction.


I believe Stef has a video on this subject. You might look at his video forum or Killersites University site.

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If you already have a merchant account, all you need now is a gateway - these are companies that provide the software/service that allows you to process credit cards online. Though they provide that bridge between your site and the credit card, you will still need to do some programming between your shopping cart and their system. Besides the gateway provider and merchant account, you will need:


  • A shopping cart that can talk to gateways - not all do.
  • A secure server - that's where buying the SSL certificate comes in.
  • A programmer to stitch this together.


On the other hand, you can use Paypal's more advanced services (website payments pro) where you can take credit cards on your site (and you don't have to send them to paypal) and Paypal processes the cards like any other gateway. Paypal's backend systems and tech support is better than other gateways I've used.


With all providers on these more advanced credit card processors, you have to expect a monthly cost in addition to transaction fee's. That cost will vary, but $30 is a safe average number.


We use both Paypal and our own merchant account. To be honest though, I personally found most people don't mind using Paypal and in fact, there is some extra confidence they get knowing that Paypal is processing the cards.

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