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WP page up for discussion :)

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I'd make a few more adjustments - keep in mind, that some is just personal opinion, but some is just fact:


I find there's a bit too much white between your header and the top part of the page - I'd move the logo and nav closer to the rest, and maybe put a border around the header, just to visually connect it to the rest.


Don't justify the sidebar link lists, and differentiate between the individual <li>s


You need a little more contrast between the orange and the gray(ish) background of the sidebar links.


You need A LOT more contrast between blue background and blue "Green Energy News" and the orange text in the footer and its blue background.


The orange box with "CBUS Home and Business...." looks unbalanced - even out the margins above first and below last line.


I almost bet that even in Australia, there should not be 3 'e's in 'Welcome' - you have:" "WelEcome to Elecsmart"


P.S. I LOVE LOVE LOVE having 2 monitors - now I can critique without flicking back and forth :D :D :D :D

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Hey Rustyhands, as far as content and design, i like it, but for 2 minor issues:

1) with the links, they should perhaps be a bit darker (eg, #aa4400) at first, and then lighter after hover (eg #ff6600) or vice versa

2) and i'm not too sure that using "justified" is such a good idea


With regards to the SEO, i would highly recomment GETTING RID of the infinitely long page titles. An explanation as to why is beyond the scope of this topic. Pick the most prominent 3 phrases, and use the rest on-page instead of squeezing them in the title.


Good luck!

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For SEO since your logo is top cornor I'd rename it you main theme keyword and reload it. Also add your keywords for your entire site into the 'alt' tag.


The menu bar on the left needs to be formatted to raggedy edge. It looks justified so you get big gaps between the the words so it all right and left hand justifies.


I also don't like the font, but that is a personal preference. It just makes it difficult to read.


On the plus side it looks neat, the colors are bright and you know what what the site is about immediately. So good job.

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