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  1. "I'm focused on meeting a deadline at present. When is a good time for me to call you back?"
  2. I like the site. Very fresh and clean. Don't like the product though - those eco bulbs have mercury in them which are not good for your brain or the environment when you dispose of them. They shouldn't be allowed to be called eco bulbs as mercury is a well known neuro toxin. But the site is great.
  3. It's racey and flash but you might want to consider changing your background of your copy to white with dark text that is not bold as this is very difficult to read. Statistics show sales are made on pages that have white backgrounds and black text.
  4. I didn't see what it looked like at first so this one was quite clean. I have a big screen so it stretched out across the whole screen which made it hard to read. You could limit the width to 1000pxl so it looks the same size on all computers and has a colored background for those with larger screens. From a sales perspective you're better off have dark text on a pale background, preferably white. And I'd want a link at the bottom to examples of your work and contact page so I don't have to scroll up to the top.
  5. I think it's quiet good. The copy is engaging. I'd add perhaps a slog at the top under you image that identifys clearly the major benefit of your service. I had to read quite a bit of copy to figure our the WIFM (What's in it for me). This will help with keeping people on the page long enough to read your message. Nice job.
  6. For SEO since your logo is top cornor I'd rename it you main theme keyword and reload it. Also add your keywords for your entire site into the 'alt' tag. The menu bar on the left needs to be formatted to raggedy edge. It looks justified so you get big gaps between the the words so it all right and left hand justifies. I also don't like the font, but that is a personal preference. It just makes it difficult to read. On the plus side it looks neat, the colors are bright and you know what what the site is about immediately. So good job.
  7. Good places to start. You'll also want to decide what type of editor you will use to develop sites. For example do you want to start with the complicated HTML, a WYSIWIG program or Template CSS type program? Personally for beginners I'd start with either Dreamweaver or Microsoft FrontPage as it will teach you the basics and you can pick up HTML code as you go. I prefer to use Joomla now that I started with the above as this is CSS and uses templates that you can configure and change. It's my preference because i make a lot of sites, about 3 a week and it's fast and efficient. But having a background in basic design is good if you are serious about wanting to get into web development.
  8. Agree - it's completely pointless getting free domain or even a cheap one from the bargain basement sites. It will severely disadvantage you for search indexing and ranking. I have had first hand experience of this. You can get a free one for a year with a hosting plan from GreenGeeks, but then you pay for your monthly hosting, as you should. You can get reputable domain service from Domain Orb for $9.95 or HostGator for $15 with your hosting account. That's for a year and that's cheap enough. I don't mean to be rude, but if you're not prepared to pay $9.95 for your domain so it can get ranked on search engines, I have to ask what are you intending to do on the Internet? Be professional if you want to get professional results. It's worth doing thing properly if you're going to put effort into building a website.
  9. Agree with Angela. If you want to hover you need to add in title but remember having keywords in your alt tag will help with the on page SEO so I normally use both. Say my keyword I want to rank for is click the code would look something like this? <p><img src="images/stories/clock.jpg" border="0" alt="Clock - Tick Toc" title="Clock" /></p>
  10. You need to install a plugin to stream live like all videos. Once installed and configured you go to Login to your joomla admin panel go to Site/Stories/Videos scroll download to browse and choose the video file from your computer and start upload. Go into your article and link to it where you want it to show. Hope that helps. let me know if you need more instructions, don't know how familiar you are with Joomla Install.
  11. That's great because I've been reluctant to upgrade to Expression Web. I'm making most of my sites in Joomla now but was looking at upgrading to Expression as have a number of sites in FrontPage. My question is for those of you using it, is it really worth it? I've found with the various upgrades in FP the loss of familiarity of features I got used to using very frustrating. Maybe I'm just an old dog reluctant to use new tricks. But do you think it's worth it?
  12. Hello, trying to figure out this profile thing, nice colors but not that easy to navigate around. I'm a professional web developer and internet marketer with a keen interest in sustainable living. Looking to meet like minded people and network plus share and gain new ideas.

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