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  1. Thanks for suggesting .png. I didn't know how well that format would work. I will definitely try the gradient fading to background color image. None of that would be necessary if I could figure out how to get the sidebar and the main content boxes to be exactly the same height as each other! I appreciate your reply. You are always so helpful.
  2. I don't know if this is possible. It seemed brilliant when I first thought of it. I wanted to put a gif as the background image of my sidebar. It is a gradient that fades from light blue at the top to transparent at the bottom. Since the container background is dark blue, I hoped the sidebar would be light blue at the top and dark blue at the bottom (container color showing through). It worked a bit, but instead of a smooth gradient, I have a noise gradient at the bottom. Not what I was looking for. Is there a way to do what I want? Thanks for any input.
  3. Aspire

    Why is this so hard?

    Okay. I got it. The float: left did the job once I took clear: both out. Thanks again for your help. I know I will be back before this project is over!
  4. Aspire

    Why is this so hard?

    Andrea - thanks for catching those two mistakes. Wickham - I appreciate your input. It works, but not exactly what I wanted to do. There is a 70x200 jpg that I want to use as a background . I want to line up the four nav boxes because they contain a link plus description. Can you tell me how to code the four nav boxes sitting beside each other in a row? Do they even need to be in a container since there is already one for the whole page? Thanks again. I am so grateful to the folks on this board for your helpfulness.
  5. I hope someone will help me figure out why this isn't working. It should be so simple. My css file is from Dreamweaver - fixed two column header and footer. Under the header, I want to add a navigation row that contains a row of four rectangles Each rectangle has the same background with text that links to other key pages. (Image sample attached - nav.jpg) In css I added a box called .twoColFixLtHdr #navigation Using Dreamweaver, I created a class called .nav I want to put the #navigation box under the header and fill it with four smaller boxes each based on the class .nav. Can you tell me what I am doing wrong? Thanks in advance. cascade.css template.html
  6. Aspire

    Is this possible?

    Wickham, thanks for analyzing the styles and pointing out what wasn't working. That is exactly the kind of critique I was hoping for so I can learn from my mistakes.
  7. Aspire

    Is this possible?

    Unfortunately I can't. It's for a private intranet. In the end I will just leave the page background and forget the band, but it frustrates me that I can't see where my mistake is. Not to worry, and thanks for your quick response.
  8. Aspire

    Is this possible?

    Well, it didn't work. Only the page_bg band is showing. If I switch the images in the styles, only the body_bg background shows. Could you possibly have a look at this code and see if you can spot the problem? body { background: url(body_bg.jpg); background-position: left top; background-repeat: repeat-x; font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 12px; font-color: #666767; } html { background: url(page_bg.png) center top repeat; } ............................... In the html document, I have <html> <head> </head> <body> <div id="wrapper"> <div id="container"> <div id="header"> </div> etc. Thanks so much.
  9. Aspire

    Is this possible?

    Which you wrote! Thanks, Andrea. That is exactly what I was looking for.
  10. Aspire

    Is this possible?

    I would like to set up a page background that is textured (small square gif that repeats over the whole page) and a top band (narrow strip of pattern and gradient gif that is repeat-x. Can I have both on the same page background? If so, can you please tell me how to set it up. I can get one or the other but not both at the same time. Thanks.
  11. Okay, thanks. That relieves my mind.
  12. Sorry to be so dense, but where did you find the link for this site?
  13. Is it possible to have folder on a website that is password protected? What I want to do is set up a system to upload html files into the folder so that the browser asks for a password before the file can be accessed? Is there a better way to do this? I need to control access to research documents that will be in html format, not pdf.
  14. Aspire

    CSS Layout problems

    Thanks for being willing to pursue this. The file for the email newsletter done with html tables is attached. ebulletin_tables.html
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