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Adding picture in Drupal

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Just starting to learn Drupal and have got it working both locally and remote.

For some reason I have drawn a blank trying to add a picture, the picture is in the photos folder C:/wamp/www/drupal/sites/default/files/photos/photo.jpg what is the URL I use to get the image to show?

Sounds daft but I just cannot get it to work and it is driving me up the wall. :(



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How are you adding the picture? Are you doing it through the Drupal UI or are you just manually uploading it via FTP or something?


... And to that question, where do you want it to display within Drupal ... what module(s) do you have set up?



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Hi Stefan,


Although I have got it working live, just playing around with it on WAMP at the moment. Basically using a site I do for a church and seeing if I can use Drupal to run it. Ading text is easy enough, it is the file path for adding an image that is giving me problems, not a problem live though!! I have FCK Editor on.

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