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  1. Hi Ben, thanks for the response. Loading two forecasts and then specifying which one to show on which devices had originally been my thought. But I can't load more than one forecast as they are php scripts and I get Fatal error: Cannot redeclare metnocommontemp() (previously declared in..........) Lots of variables are declared like this so back to the drawing board. Interestingly I ran the test page I had through Google's mobile checker with just the eight columns and it passed. I suspect it might be a bit small to read, but I don't have a mobile device to check with. Rosalind
  2. I have a weather website, built from the ground up and totally non responsive. It was basically only written for me to access the data, but I find that it is quite popular. So thinking that I ought to make a responsive homepage at least would be a start and then I can sort out which pages will not fit a mobile device, large tables full of data, can be left of the mobile menu. I have had a play around with Bootstrap and so far so good. But, I have a forecast that is output as a table via a php script. Currently the table is 10 columns, which is fine on a big monitor, but too big for tablets and mobiles. I can output the table as 8,6 and 4 columns but I am unsure as to how to out put the forecast depending on media query. At the moment it is a php iclude <?php include ('wsmetno3/printicons2.php'); ?> what I need is something to say use that one for screens 992px and up a smaller version between 991px and 480px and then below 480px the smallest one. Hope this makes sense! Thank you for reading and Happy Easter. Rosalind
  3. youngros


    HI, I have downloaded Colorbox to use on my website, previously had used Lightbox but this doesn't work for iframes. The page I want to use it on is this http://www.mad-weather.com/webcam.php so that when you click on the webcam image it opens in Colorbox and doesn't take you to the webcam page. The images are displayed using an iframe which is how you are allowed to use them. An example of this working is http://madeira-seekers.com/madeira-webcams/ this is using Wordpress so maybe that is how they got it to work. I have it partially working on http://www.mad-weather.com/webcam10.php the link from the image doesn't work, but the text images do so I am half way there. Help on this would be much appreciated. Thanks Rosalind
  4. youngros

    Wamp Server

    Following the latest Avast update localhost is working again properly.
  5. youngros

    Wamp Server

    I found this is why Firefox redirects to localhost.com http://cdivilly.wordpress.com/2013/08/15/disable-firefox-redirecting-to-localhost-com/ so I have fixed that, an annoying thing as described. I can get in under so the conclusion is that it is Avast blocking things.
  6. youngros

    Wamp Server

    Hi Ben, thanks for replying Rebooted everything, done a restart on the services. Click on localhost and it brings it up as www.localhost.com in firefox, which is really odd. No Skype on this PC and as far as I know the Windows Server isn't active. Totally at a loss here.
  7. youngros

    Wamp Server

    Happy New Year to all. But not so great when I discover this morning that my server has stopped working. Presume a Windows update has done something. I just get a Firefox can't find the server at www.localhost.com. but why is it looking for www.localhost.com? It has been running for several years without a problem. Windows7 Home Premium 64bit. Anyone any ideas on how to fix this please. Thanks in advance.
  8. I have a website with a newsletter that is added via Issuu. The newsletter is uploaded as a pdf, converted from a publisher file and has email and website links that when you click on them will take you to an email program or to the website. Are these traceable by search engines and if so how do I stop them being clickable? I have seen other Issuu publications where the link takes you to a page not found. When in Publisher I removed the hyperlink it still is a link when saved as a pdf. Other than not to put email links on how do I stop the link being clickable? Hope this makes sense, thanks in advance. Rosalind
  9. I have a weather site that uses lots of php scripts to show information in easy to read tables and this works fine, but I would like to run the site using Drupal and have run into a bit of a brick wall. For the Temperature table on none Drupal site it looks like this http://www.mad-weather.com/temp_detail.php but for the Drupal site it looks like this http://www.sanssouciwebdesign.com/madweather/temp_detail The data is all being read correctly, but it is not reading the months and not reading the temp colour changes. I'm not a php expert, knowledge is fairly basic, and I didn't write the script. Attached the script if anyone is able to help. Thanks. wxtempdetail.txt
  10. essential modules are dependant on your site for my Drupal site www.holytrinity-madeira.org I use the following views cck panels chaos tools custom search image image cache pathologic mailchimp contact forms nice menus pathauto poormanscron read more link site map site verification token google analytics XML sitemap
  11. Huge learning curve with Drupal, but it is well worth it in the end. Lots of good support on the Drupal site and others if you use google to search things out. Plenty of video tutorials out there as well. The only downside is the lack of documentation with some modules, things move fast and they don't get updated. I started with Drupal 6 and haven't moved on yet. You also need to make sure your version of php5 is the correct one they recommend 5.3 but no lower than 5.2.5. Some hosts may not have updated their version of php, you need to check.
  12. A quick google for the missing quote turned up trumps on the theme I am using <td class=<?php print $fields[$field]; ?>"> to <td class="<?php print $fields[$field]; ?>"> all patched and now all working. Thanks Ben
  13. Thanks for that Ben, I will probably have to head over to Drupal to see why they are missing. I'd not noticed before.
  14. If I put td.field-charge-value in my css file and add some style to it, nothing happens. I'm missing something on the css somewhere.
  15. I am trying to alter some of the CSS on the table I have www.sanssouciwebdesign.com/holytrinity/trinity_rooms I am able to alter the headers individually but not the table cells. I would like to be able to centre the text in all the columns except the left hand column, I want that to stay left aligned. I have tried al-sorts of things, but only seem to be able to apply it to all columns. Thanks Rosalind
  16. I have an old copy of DW, version 8, which was a bit of a game to install on a Windows7 machine. But as has been said it is only a tool. I had to learn HTML/CSS before I could use it. The older versions aren't great on the WYSIWYG side of things and you really need to be using a server to check on how it looks. I use notepad++ as well. As I'm going down the Drupal route, I find I still use both as a text editor to alter the css. I think Microsoft were probably quite embarrassed by FrontPage, as they didn't initially design it but bought it. It was bad when they got it and it never got any better. I would imagine Expression Web to be very different, but I've not seen it.
  17. What is everyone using? For the last four years I have been using AVG paid version which covered 2 PCs and a laptop. The laptop (XP Pro) is now using MSE. A further 2 PCs have Avast antivirus and either Comodo or Kerio Firewall. The reason I ask is for the 2 PCs left using AVG, it runs out in March, I really want a change. One PC runs a weather station, is on 24/7, but it is felt that it is AVG that causes the weather station software to freeze as it has become so resource hungry. One is XP Pro and the other Windows7 Home 64bit. Everything is networked through 2 routers, with both their firewalls switched on, with various ports opened to allow the use of a server. Gets complicated!!! Thanks
  18. Hi Shelley, Thanks for that. I'm getting better at hunting through the forums to find the answers to my problems, which generally are CSS based. I can't get over the number of modules you need just for a fairly simple site. I am up to 18 on one!! And there is nothing fancy added, just basic stuff. As I've only been working with Drupal for less than 12 months I've not touched 7. Will give it a few more months yet until I am more happy with 6. Rosalind
  19. I'm using the Adaptive theme, tried the Zen but somehow didn't get on that well with it. Themes area saved in sites/all/themes. Still much to learn and the thinness of documentation doesn't help. For those that have been using Drupal since the early days it is not so bad, but when you read stuff that talks about a previous version or shows screenshots of earlier versions that look nothing like the modules they are talking about it gets annoying. I stick with it, but haven't had the nerve to switch a site over yet.
  20. Thanks for the reply Sometimes it is good to leave alone for a couple of days and then take another look!! The headings font I could change using css like this .view-content h2 { font-size: 1.4em; font-variant: small-caps; color: #333; } eventually worked out to change the link colours .view-content h2 a:link, .view-content h2 a:visited { color: #333; text-decoration: none; } It was the way of adding the a:link etc that I got stuck with. I would obviously be easier as well to be able to learn to change the html classes to be more specific, but for now I will settle for what I have so far.
  21. I've been playing around with Drupal for a while now, and just use a basic theme, but not Garland. Now Drupal when it outputs views as a teaser it automatically makes the heading a link with standard link colours. And although I can alter the font size of these titles I can't seem to find a way to change the link colors or remove the text decoration only by doing it sitewide with a:link, a:active etc. I'm happy to leave the links there, just want them to share the same color as the rest of the text. As it provides a read more link I want this to have a different color as well. Basically want to apply different link colors to different things not the generic red/purple and blue default colors. Really struggling with this so any help appreciated
  22. I was thinking more along the lines of those who have a weather site and using the same software as me. Maybe it is early days for 7. Just a bit annoying when I am working on the site and I use Firefox all the time, and so used to Firefox displaying properly. How many will complain, me
  23. One of the pages on my website is displaying incorrectly in Firefox on Windows7 http://www.mad-weather.com/wind_detail.php but is fine on XP and also Opera on Windows7. The page uses php scripts to pull data from my weather station and so far this is the only page where the table over runs its space. I have messaged on the forum about this and other weather websites that are using a preset template (I'm not using) as for me these sites are showing tables overflowing. But so far only one other person seems to have seen this, and I'm thinking surely I can't be the only person using Windows7 and Firefox (latest version 3.6) Pretty much nothing I can do about it as nobody else can see the problem, but wondered if anyone else had come across pages not displaying how they should.
  24. Which seems a pretty strange thing to do when you have a link on the bottom of your page that says webmasters learn how to place these webcams on your website!!
  25. For about 12 months I have linked the images from a site that has webcam images on. http://www.netmadeira.com/webcams-madeira They supplied the instructions for this at the bottom of the page. The instructions needed modifying to make it work, but it did. Until about a month ago. Looking at the code it is obvious they have changed something as it is completely different to what is in their instructions. I have tried to do it by using the URL from the image, and occasionally it will work but mostly not. If I right click and say view image I get a 403 forbidden error. How have they managed to do this if I can view the images on their site? I have emailed them to say that the links no longer work, but don't hold out much hope of a response.
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