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Starting Web Development Course - Again

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Hi all,

I bought the course in 2019, did the HTML part and then got sidetracked. During the sidetracking I worked on Python and also learned some networking for work. I recently started a new job and think it would be good for me to know how to build a basic web page. So I decided to shift focus for a bit and go through this course and finish it. I don't think I'll ever be a developer, but I work in broadcast and everything is a webpage! I used Python in my career for file manipulation, taking exported files, changing the information and importing them back in to the device. That has worked great and I enjoyed it. But I think it would be useful to write web pages that allow me to interact with various audio and video devices such as servers. I can see how interacting with APIs will be important, etc. But the next step is to learn how to build a basic page. My inspiration for this was seeing a page that my new boss built amd I thought, I can learn to do that!

Anyway, I'm at it again!

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