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Adobe Illustrator in web design


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Recently a friend of mine (Napo) wrote up a quick tutorial on using Adobe Illustrator to mock up a web page. To be honest, I was a little surprised at that because from my experience, everyone used Photoshop.


.. Napo though, prefers Illustrator!




Anyway, I was just wondering how many of you use Illustrator in your web design work - whether it be a complete page layout or simply creating graphics for your web pages?



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I think it is a question of personal preference but also depends if the design is going to be used in Print. For logos I use Illustrator because it can easily be translated into business cards, letterheads, flyers etc.

For web design mockups for clients I use Photoshop, which I am more comfortable with, unless I know they are going to need the whole design package in which case I use both.

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