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Is developing for IE6 still necessary? Seems like some people have abandoned it.


Reason being, it seems I spend more time hacking for IE6 than I would like, I am still not very good at it, and it has only 10% of the browser share and falling??

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It' s a personal preference thing -- you'll find people on both sides of the issue.


I think it depends on the target audience. If your web stats on the site say it's an extremely small number, maybe it doesn't matter. However, if there is still a significant number that use IE6 and you're a business, I'd say it's important.


I don't worry about IE6 being pixel perfect. If minor things don't work or IE6 lacks minor styles, I don't worry about it. However, I do make sure it's usable and there aren't any significant display issues.

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Well, here is the current site that I am working on. I have three fixed positioned elements on this site. It looks fine everywhere else, except in IE6 it's destroyed, any advice?




I have a few IE6 hacks in the first part of the CSS, including making the fixed position elements, absolutely positioned. But to no avail...

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You could put in an information header for the people still in IE6 informing them about the progress of IE ( like you are still with 6 when 8 is out), and provide a URL to the link at MS download for it.


Inform them that IE6 has been discontinued and any new exploits found most likely will not get patched and put them at unwanted risks.


In short, sniff if you got a IE6 surfer, inform, get them to upgrade.

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If you encourage people to upgrade IE6 to IE8, how do you know if their old computer has the performance to run IE8? For instance, I still have an old computer with Windows 98SE and IE6 for testing and I don't think IE8 will run on WIN 98SE.


They might try IE8 and find it doesn't work properly, or crashes the computer.


Just advise viewers in a div that only IE6 viewers can see that IE6 is out of date and leave it to them to decide what to do.

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