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This is a new site I just finished two days ago. It took me 2 months of work. It's a site for a music school in Caracas, Venezuela. It's the first time I use dynamic content (the client creates pages, upcoming events, news, teacher profiles, etc.). I want to thank everyone who has helped me in my multiple php-js-css questions I asked these last months.


I hope you could help me improve the design and functionality of the site with your critics.




w ww.eem mal.com


Best regards,



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A couple things I should mention...

-- In the news section, you probably should check to make sure the id the user is viewing is valid. For example, if I change the URL to http://www.ee mmal.com/no icias/noticia.php?rec ordID=100, it displays errors. It would probably be best to check if the id is valid, and if not, show a proper error message or redirect the user back to the main news page. (same thing on the catedras.php page)

-- In your nav, you should be able to link directly to the folder, rather than including index.php everywhere. That will result in cleaner looking links. For example, you should be able to do http://www.eemm'>http://www.eemm al.com/profesor es/ rather than http://www.eem mal.com/profeso res/ind ex.php.

-- In the nav bar, you'll notice that if you click the first nav item ("Quienes Somos") the page gets refreshed and the user doesn't go anywhere (since the URL for the link is "#"), which could be potentially confusing. Perhaps rather than "#" the nav item could link to the first link within the dropdown? Or add "onclick="return false;"" to the so that javascript cancels the link and the page doesn't get refreshed?


Looks pretty good otherwise!

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Maybe it's because I just got up, but I couldn't find the navigation on the index page. Then I did see what I thought was a right-side nav under the photo, but those weren't really links. I kept looking, and eventually noticed that there are links under the "Noticias" as I moved my curser around. Clicking on those, I finally got to a page that had a recognizable navigation.


I must say so, I do not speak Spanish - maybe being able to read what's there might have helped, but from the pure visual standpoint (of an early morning), your navigation on the front page is hidden. I don't think it's a good thing if people have to look for stuff they expect to be there - many might not bother.


Other than that, I also agree - the site looks good and I like the 'drop down' eventos.

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Thanks guys for the observations,


Just one thing:


I don't know how to check if the id is valid. Could you please help me there?




This morning, inexplicably, the header of the index page just disappeared. I use an include file for the header and footer. I had to copy the entire header into the index page in order to show it properly. The rest of the pages were ok. Could be this the result of a hack?






PD. Andrea: I was as surprised as you were. The whole top banner + navigation disappeared just for the index page! I'm sure someone is playing jokes out there :)

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Hi again,


I guess it's my fault


on every page except the index I have:


<?php @include("../includes/header.php");?>


I don't know how or when, I copied and pasted that line into the index page, which obviously doesn't work. I changed it into this one:


<?php @include("includes/header.php");?> (notice the ../ difference)




I'm glad you like the site, Andrea. The director of the school does too. She is all excited about it and that makes me happy.


From now on I think I'll adventure myself with Joomla, I'm tired of creating all those back-end tables, add-edit-erase forms, etc... :)



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