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IE is being gutted and rebuilt based on Chromium


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Microsoft building Chrome-based browser to replace Edge on Windows 10


It is no secret how miserably Microsoft's 3-year-old Edge web browser has failed to compete against Google Chrome despite substantial investment and continuous improvements.
According to the latest round of tech rumors, Microsoft has given up on Edge and reportedly building a new Chromium-based web browser, dubbed project codename "Anaheim" internally, that will replace Edge on Windows 10 operating system as its new default browser, a journalist at WindowsCentral learned.
Though there is no mention of Project Anaheim on the Microsoft website as of now (except Anaheim Convention Center at California), many speculate that the new built-in browser could appear in the 19H1 development cycle of Microsoft's Insider Preview program.
According to the report, the new browser will be powered by Blink rendering engine used by Chromium, one that also powers Google's Chrome browser, instead of Microsoft's own EdgeHTML engine.
Chromium is an open-source Web browser project started by Google that is popular among web browser developers and also powers Vivaldi and Opera browsers.


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Microsoft Putting Edge on Chromium Will Fundamentally Change the Web


After more than 20 years of fighting for relevance on the web, Microsoft is planning to scrap the underlying architecture of its internet browser in favor of Chromium.
That alone is monumental, and the internet responded with both jubilation and hesitance as you’d expect: Internet Explorer’s legacy is finally dead!
But, we just learned the full picture, with Microsoft announcing the move on GitHub Thursday, and it's even bigger than we could have possibly dreamed of. Not only will Edge use Chromium as its rendering engine, but Microsoft is actively investing in developing the open-source engine further, to best optimize it for every device it touches.
A rendering engine is the software your browser uses to display web pages. Different rendering engines have different quirks and features, maintained by their own parent companies, with the largest in use today owned by Mozilla, Google, Microsoft, and Apple.


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I enjoyed Microsoft Edge but it just didn't feel like a complete browser, always had some little issues with it. Can't wait to use their new browser. đ

Microsoft is becoming more "open minded", better late than never :)

Thanks for the post LSW.


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