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  1. Toni

    How Secure are our Passwords

    I am definetly changing my password to something longer now. Thanks for the post, Cheers
  2. Toni

    autocomplete/ sublime text

    Hello, try opening folder/files from Sublime Text. Maybe you did not add Sublime Text as a File Manager, that could be a reason you don't see the option. Cheers
  3. Toni

    What is wrong with this simple code?

    What do you mean that you can't right click it 😮 What kind of OS are you using ? How about trying to write an <h1> and see if text shows up ? What browser do you use ?
  4. Toni

    What is wrong with this simple code?

    Does it open with Editor ? You could try: Right click on .html file and Open With > Browser But you just have tittle on it so it's gonna be a blank page with title on top saying Javascript. Cheers
  5. Toni

    How Do You Programmers Type?

    Since I transferred from PC with keyboard to laptop, I've been typing all kinds of ways. Still learning where some keys are and trying to remember them, didn't really like the option of using laptop with external keyboard. For now I use 3 fingers on left hand and 2 fingers on right hand, let's see will that change Cheers
  6. Toni

    Struggle ... Success

    Hey everyone ! I have finally finished my Javascript course, after completing HTML5 and CSS which were relatively easy to go through I expected that JS is going to be the same, but it was really a struggle. At last chapters it was clicking together, understanding it easier, and I was mostly shocked that I started to understand it. Because at beginning of this course when I saw Stef create a function with alert, I was like woooow... This is going to be hard language (I'm completely new to development). I gotta say I feel pretty happy about finishing this lesson/language and already ordering a book to evolve it more, shame author is not Stef on that one too ! I hope that this community keeps growing. Thanks for reading, Cheers !
  7. Toni

    Introduce Yourself

    Hi everyone, I'm Toni from Croatia. Still attending to school to get a diploma for Computer Technology. After that I plan on moving to Germany to turn a page in my life. I've decided that I want to learn how to code and since I was following Stefan for a bit, I bought his course for Web Development and his book too. It has been a really good journey so far, had some issues, but they always seem to solve themselves after some time. I haven't really done any projects yet, except trying to create my portfolio page and uploading it to free hosting just to see how it will look. Really glad that I've found Stef's channel and that it took me where I am right now. I don't plan on letting this go, so I'm looking up for meeting this community. Cheers! ☕
  8. Toni

    Hi All

    Hey Carly, welcome to the forum 🤝
  9. Toni

    New guy here!

    Hey hey, welcome to the forum. Best of luck
  10. Toni

    Learning HTML method

    Hey there, I'm taking notes but best way to memorize thoose notes would be through using them in coding I guess, so no matter how simple the code is at beginning I still write my own code just to help my brain register it faster. Not sure does this help in any way but hope you figure it out ! Cheers