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Python is becoming the world’s most popular coding language


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Python is becoming the world’s most popular coding language



In the past 12 months Americans have searched for Python on Google more often than for Kim Kardashian, a reality-TV star. 


😶... 😐... ☺️... Interesting comparison for sure.


This link comes from Nathan House of StationX who brought it up in his blog who goes on to explain the use of Python in the hacking community:

The World’s Most Popular Coding Language? Reasons to Get to Grips with Python…



It’s versatile, it works on a minimum of code - and it’s also relatively easy to put to work: three factors which go a long way in explaining why Python is currently being touted as the “world’s most popular coding language”.


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Python is one of the languages that is noticing tremendous growth and popularity year by year. 

The language’s two major benefits are its clarity and flexibility. Its specific syntax and usage of indented areas create it easy to understand, read and share.

With such a rapidly expanding user base and a vast array of capabilities, Python might appear predestined to evolve the lingua franca of coding, rendering all other competitors obsolete. 

Python has a solution for every field. It is the most adaptable language nowadays and has a promising destiny along. There is a long list of fields where Python is supposed to be the most appropriate programming language.

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