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    Kids want to be Entrepreneurs!

    Kids have also great interest in becoming YouTubers these days. Even kids channels are very successful.
  2. CammyToedebusch

    New Python Course For College And High School Students

    Thanks for sharing, I also found this blog https://www.killersites.com/blog/2017/python-course-for-college-students/ very helpful in this regard. However, I am looking for a beginner guide for machine learning in Python like this https://ajaytech.co/machine-learning-in-python/ especially to get a basic concept as a beginner with basic coding knowledge of PHP. Can you suggest any free tutorial?
  3. That's great but I am still confused between deciding between Python and R especially when it is about machine learning.
  4. CammyToedebusch

    Freelancing panic - help on finding work

    Though freelancing sites create a great ease for developed and even underdeveloped countries to outsource the service but yes, it's a reality most of the project bids are won with low prices. However, there are still some people exist who prefer to go with high bids because of quality. So, all in all, you need to maintain good quality and rating.