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  1. Consider the colours Having your own website means you've got all the liberty to create it entirely your own. It’s all up to you and your team to make sure that every one the client-facing aspects of your site represent your brand accurately. If you have already got a well-established color theme for your brand, don’t be afraid to combine it up by adding more pleasing hues to your website’s graphic design. Don’t forget the colours of the fonts and text on your site. ensure it’s easy to read so people can easily see what to click on next by just quickly glancing at different par
  2. First of all, what's web development? Although it should seem hard to define, web development is seen as the simplest way of making, building, and maintaining websites. Typically, web development involves a front-end (everything that interacts with the user) and a back-end - hidden from the regular user - which contains all the business logic and interacts with a database. Python inserts itself in web development as a back-end language, and it's usually combined with another front-end language (frequently javascript) to create a full website. Back to our star question, the rationale
  3. Salary during this field ranges from INR 2.42 lakh once a year while the upper limit for the pay during this field is INR 10 lakh each year. Java web developers with one to four years of professional experience make INR 4.91 lakh once a year on the average while those with five to nine years of experience get INR 10 lakh once a year
  4. An extension for Sublime Text 2 and 3! This allows you to insert Lorum ipsum into the text editor via a menu item. Select how much text you want from the menu item in Edit->Text->Lorem Ipsum or on the right click menu in Lorem Ipsum.
  5. Python has reached the highest rating ever in the monthly Tiobe index of programming language popularity. On the current situation Tiobe noted, Python could leapfrog Java and C in the next three or four years to become the index's most-popular language in the world.
  6. If you want to rank your website your onsite should be good because if your on-page is good and according to Google guidelines you can rank your website but for that, your have to select low competition and medium competition. Always use longtail keywords like if you provide website development then you can use "website development services provider". Always use your target keywords in URL, title, and meta description. Maintain your keywords density which is 1% to 2% which is according to google guidelines and always uses unique content don't post copied content because google always values th
  7. From my point of view, Facebook advertising is worth the money because Facebook is the best platform to reach more customers according to your target location, age group, and interest. It also helps you to increase leads through advertising.
  8. Here are the 9 ways to rank your videos on top Find keywords for your video Optimise your video title Optimise your tags you are using for video Tell the people to comment on your video Encourage people to subscribe you channel Make an eye-catching thumbnail Add close caption to your video Edit your file name before uploading video share your videos on social media for more engagement
  9. Top 10 Ecommerce platforms to build an eCommerce website Shopify - Getting up and running quickly Selz - Full-featured drag-and-drop store builder OpenCart - Total customization BigCommerce - To multiple storefronts on one platform 3dcart -Built-in marketing and management features Big Cartel -Smaller stores with custom products WooCommerce -Adding a shopping cart to an existing WordPress site PrestaShop -A free platform Ecwid - selling on social media Wix - Simultaneously creating a store and a blog
  10. It helps you to generate traffic but you have to increase your karma first and minimum karma to create a community of Reddit is 25. For that, you have engaged with peoples through answering their questions and through post sharing on Reddit.
  11. WordPress gives you access to all the code on your site, while a static HTML website will make it easier for you to input certain types of markup. Instead of needing to deal with theme template files and WordPress loops, everything is right in front of you.
  12. In Organic reach, you don't have to target audience, age group & demographic location. On the other hand, in the paid promotion you can choose how much price you want to spend on advertisement and for how many days you want to show your advertisement. In the paid advertisement, you can choose your targeting audience, country and age group.
  13. If you want to choose a proper domain name for your online business, you should go with the .com because it the most common and preferred but it doesn't matter for the SEO purpose. Make sure when you choose a domain name your domain name should short and sweet, so it's easy to remember and pronounce. If you want to choose the proper domain name for your online business go for .com which is the
  14. Responsive Website Design is about using HTML and CSS to automatically resize the website according to size resolution to make it look good on all devices and open website according to your mobile or tablet resolution
  15. Responsive Web Design is about using HTML and CSS to automatically resize according to screen resolution, hide, shrink, or enlarge, the content of a website to make it look good on all devices.
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