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courses offered in college


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which software course/language should i take from these options?

I only get to choose one.

your suggestions appreciated.

visual basics,  java,  c++,  c#,  asp.net,  mobile device programming,   secure server side web programming?


the degree is "computer network administration and security management" with emphasis in information technology

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As the security guy here, the answer is easy, "secure server side web programming" and considering the degree.

  • Java is the most common programming language, but it is a god-awful security risk, it is the Titanic of security risks. Python is coming on strong and is more secure..., but not offered apparently.
  • C++ and C# are older and more high level programming type stuff
  • ASP.Net is just a framework and uses other languages like C#/ASP.net, Python/ASP.net, it is not a true language of it's own, it just uses other languages.
  • Mobile devices are growing and security is a nightmare with them. That would be my No. 2 for you.


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I have not looked at Studio Web for Python... but yea, Stef does good work. :P

I checked it out when he first started it. Besides all languages are common, so knowing one will help learning others as you see the common elements.

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I would not do visual basic. 

As for the rest, they are all potentially good choices. I would look at the type of work you want to do before making the choice. For example, C++ is about building low level engines that need speed. So C++ is used to build gaming engines and it is used to write the code that manages small devices ... iOT devices as an example.

With Java, you might find yourself build web app in large companies, writing Android apps ... etc. 

Hope that makes sense. 

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