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What's the latest and greatest in free HTML Editors?


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I still have a macromedia Studio MX 2004 disk, but there probably is something better out there these days. I played around with Notepad++ a while back, but I did not like that I could not work on my PC and then upload my changes directly. (And maybe there is an add-on that I'm not aware of.)

Recommendations, please.




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There are lot of free HTML editors that offer you something that those payed ones dont.

For example Code Editor Brackets (made by Adobe) is a free code editor, a very good one, it does have a Live option that allows you to code and see the result instantly on web browser where some payed code editor like Sublime or similar does not have option like that.

Lets say Atom, another free code editor by GitHub, is also a good one, its community is so large, they have many pluggins and themes where payed ones dont have.

But free code editors often are slower then payed, not all but most of them.

I recommend you try them and find one that pleases you:

  • Atom
  • Brackets
  • Notepad++
  • Light table
  • Blue fish
  • VS Code

Thats that I know for the Windows OS, there are lot more out there, but if you want my recommendation I would say VS Code (Visual Studio Code). It is developed by Microsoft, its free, and its very good. Big community, you can install plugins, themes, supports lots of programming languages, it does have console there so you dont have to go to cmd (command prompt) to work with SQL or whatever, and what is most important its fast and stable. I havent experienced any crashes. I used to work with CodeRunner that I payed 15$ and it crashed a lot of times. I am happy with VS Code.

Trust me, I spend a lot of time on Windows and then switched to Mac and became Apple freak or whatever you call it, and when Apple fan suggest you use something that Microsoft created then its really good! :D

Of course I would suggest Notepad++ it seems like a good one.

I hope it helps! :) 

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