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    Hi Nerdz

    Hi everyone! Is this forum active? Lets populate this forum and make it a nice place for nerdz and geeks where we can talk and help each other. :))
  2. Biske94

    Programing term

    What does mean that variable is set or not set? (in PHP or general) Does that means: // no var declared $var; $var = 'Some fancy string'; $var = ""; //(empty string) I dont know all fancy terms, but I do know when variable is defined, declared and all that, but I dont know what variable is set means. Thanks in advance, nerdz!
  3. Biske94

    Programing term

    Answer: isset() is a function in PHP that will return true if the variable, in this case, $var has been assigned a value. If the variable has been created but nothing assigned, has the value of null or undefined, it will return false. basically, isset($var) says is this variable safe to use or not. Update To explain the differences between a NULL value and an undefined <?php //test 1 is defined, but has a value of null. isset will return false, use causes no error. $test1 = null; var_dump($test1); var_dump(isset($test1)); echo "\n----------\n\n"; //test2 is defined with a string value. isset will return true $test2 = "test"; var_dump($test2); var_dump(isset($test2)); echo "\n----------\n\n"; //test3 is not defined, isset returns false and use causes error. var_dump($test3); var_dump(isset($test3)); Which will output: NULL bool(false) ---------- string(4) "test" bool(true) ---------- Notice: Undefined variable: test3 in /in/Nmk0t on line 17 NULL bool(false) I hope this will help those who asked the same question as I
  4. Hi people! Since I couldnt get answers from Stackoverflow I desiced to ask you. Can someone explain how does these 2 functions work: class_exists() spl_autoload_register() Class exist function if(class_exists('User')){ echo "It does exists"; } class User { /* Some code here */ } // the output of file is "It does exists" So how does this function works? Scans whole file? Whole directory? I mean its called before I defined class. Spl autoload register function include 'functions.php'; // <- file where is the function class_exist('User') and spl_autoload_register() include 'db_config.php'; include 'database.php'; include 'user.php'; // <- Here is the class (User) So how does this function work? Its before any of those files that are included, and still it does it work? Does it scans whole directory where it is or what? I am really confused. Thanks peeps!
  5. Biske94

    Books for programming

    Hi nerdz! What books about programming can you recommend me? Some books that every programmer needs to read or any good one? Thanks!
  6. Biske94

    Whats the difference

    Hi i have encountered one quirk in PHP, and I was wandering if anyone can explain it to me. So writing this code gives me infinite loop public static function find_this_query($sql){ global $Database; $result_set = $Database->queryFunction($sql); $theObjectArray = array(); $var = $result_set->fetch_assoc(); // I put the whole array in $var while($row = $var){ // and then I put that here // some code here } return $theObjectArray; } Buuuut this doesnt public static function find_this_query($sql){ global $Database; $result_set = $Database->queryFunction($sql); $theObjectArray = array(); while($row = $result_set->fetch_assoc()){ // here I just put method and everything works fine // some code here } return $theObjectArray; } So I just wanna know why. Thanks nerdzzzz!
  7. Biske94

    Books for programming

    Depends, for instance I like multiple sources, books, internet, video clips, whatever
  8. What is the difference between statements and functions? For instance why dont we type include('somefile.php') or echo('Hello World') ? Thanks!
  9. Biske94

    Isset function

    Okay this is a newbie question but I know how it works but I just want to know how. So this code for example: if(isset($_POST['submit'])){ // do some stuff } else { // do some else stuff } This if statement will only do its code block if submit button is clicked or in nerds language if $_POST['submit'] is set. So thats means that value of that submit button is NULL before clicking, but when we click that submit button we are giving it a value? For example <input type="submit" name="submit" value="someAwesomeValue"> if I click this button its value will be 'someAwesomeValue' which means I set $_POST['submit'] value to 'someAwesomeValue' or in other words $_POST['submit'] = 'someAwesomeValue' Thanks!
  10. Biske94

    Happy New Year Nerds!

    Happy New Year everyone, I wish you a good health and happiness, for the rest... it can wait
  11. Biske94

    Book about computers

    Hi everyone, I am looking to increase my knowledge and understanding about computers, how do they work stuff like that. Got any books or clips or whatever to recommend? I think I need to know that because I work with computer and I think it can help for programming. Thanks!
  12. Biske94

    Studioweb New Curriculum For 2017

    I bought it I thought I can watch it on the website and have those quiz questions anyway thanks!
  13. Biske94

    Studioweb New Curriculum For 2017

    Yo Stef, I finished IWD course and I have bought Python course, can u add it? Thanks!
  14. Biske94

    Books for programming

    Hmmm could come useful, thanks!
  15. Biske94


    Well thats nice story and question you got there fellow nerd. Everyone will give you a different answer, opinion, thoughts, advice and so on... so here are my thoughts, I hope they will help you. You see, I am 23 years old, and maybe few years back I didnt know what I wanna do in my life, what type of work, nothing. I went to ITC college for telecommunications and really I didnt like that. In the third year of my college I found out that I like programming, that I wanna do that do that, I wanna be programmer. Since I found out that I wanted to learn programming but I didnt have any directions, didnt know where and from who to learn from, nothing. So I got some books from the internet and started learning the HTML, CSS, JavaScript. I learned HTML and CSS but not JavaScript it was to complicated for me to learn it from the book, and I am a type of guy who likes to learn basics good, to know what that thing does what does the other thing does and so on. I took some classes on the internet, they helped, but not that much. So I decided to go to school in Serbia known as IT Academy, where in 12 months they learn you everything what a front-end, back-end programmer needs. I couldnt sing up for traditional classes (like going to school and learning) I signed up for online classes (you learn from your house through internet). I thought, I would learn there since classes are in Serbian language, I can ask them whatever I want and so on. And I learned there some things but still didnt know some basics stuff, I didnt have the feel that I mastered the basics, how do things do and so on. I took some courses from udemy to help me little, I like to learn from multiple sources. And one day, I went to YouTube and found Stefan Mischook (my name is Stefan too ), and watched his clips and liked it. I liked how he talked, objective and non-biased. Thats what I want to hear. And the way he talks is simple, he can talk some ultra-mega-giga nerd things and to translate them into non-nerd language for everyone to understand. I took his IWD (Interactive Web Developer course) and Python 3. I finished IWD and now I will do projects and later Python 3. I finally learned the basics, mastered them. I feel happy and satisfied. Now I know how things work, how request/response cycle works, OOP (Objective Oriented Programing) and so on.... in one word the BASICS. Once you master them, everything is easy. Its easy to build a house on the solid foundation, because the house wont collapse, same here with programming, you will be confident to continue forward because you know how things work. Now, what is the point of all this story that I have written? Well, its this. Find yourself, who you are, what you like, dont be a copycat of someone else, be yourself, be original. When you find yourself you will know what you love to do. And then you dont let go. You go pursuit your dreams. I found myself, fought and won over the depression and I found out that I love to program and I never stoped, even if I made mistakes. If I founded Stefan a year back I wouldnt spend 1500$ on IT Academy. Find what kind of teacher you want, that appeals to you. Make your study room, your PC and everything to the way you like to help you learn good. If you want to learn the basics, and how things work, I would suggest taking Stefans courses. Write out 5 reasons why you want to learn programming, so when you lost your motivation and you look at you reasons you will get back on your feet. Since it is written in Serbian I will translate it for you. " Why I want to learn programming and do that 1) To help animals. 2) To help people. 3) To save and heal the nature. 4) To become rich so I can afford for my mother, father, granma, grandad( I wrote wrong on the paper xD), Vuk (name the of my brother, translated it means Wolf) and Laki (name of my dog whose name is Lucky or Laki shortcut from Lazar in Serbian). 5) Because that what I want to do. Because thats what I love to do. " What are your reasons? I hope this helped!
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    Well hello there Natan Dont feel abandoned, nerds are comming I am gonna write you in the next post the answer
  17. Biske94

    Book about computers

    Sorry for responding late. Well depends, since I live in Serbia, good drivers do know about mechanics of their cars. For instance, every slight changes on their cars they do feel it and know what is wrong. Of course many of them just know the basic stuff. Thats what I want, to know the basis of computers and something that a programmer needs to know about them :)
  18. Biske94

    video lag

    Hmmm I didnt expierence that. Try some other internet browser to watch that clip. I would recommend you continue learning this course, because I had great experience learning Enjoy!
  19. Biske94

    mysqli_fetch_assoc in while loop

    *answers in porg* P.S. The code is strong in you.
  20. Biske94

    mysqli_fetch_assoc in while loop

    Hi people, I have one question about mysqli_fetch_assoc in a while loop. $query = "SELECT * FROM category "; $result = mysqli_query($connection, $query); while($row = mysqli_fetch_assoc($result)) { $cat_id = $row['cat_id']; $cat_title = $row['cat_title']; echo $cat_id . " " . $cat_title ."<br>"; } So, how does $row = mysql_fetch_assoc($result) works? So it loops one row at a time from $results and stores that information in $row until it there is no row to return? And this mysqli_fetch_assoc($result) in while loop iterations is this " array(some rows that it got from $result) "? $row = mysqli_fetch_assoc($result) is same as $row = array(all rows from $result that are gathered by mysqli_fetch_assoc) ? And that means $row is actually an array, and every time it loops the information is not overwriten by new instead it is added? Sorry if i confused you with such questions Thanks in advance!
  21. Biske94

    mysqli_fetch_assoc in while loop

    I get it now! Thanks Stef! :))
  22. Biske94

    mysqli_fetch_assoc in while loop

    Oooh so it put all data in assoc array, lets say it put 5 rows of data, and the while loop loops 5 times then? I am asking because there is no incrementation, how does it know where to stop? Thanks Stef.
  23. There are lot of free HTML editors that offer you something that those payed ones dont. For example Code Editor Brackets (made by Adobe) is a free code editor, a very good one, it does have a Live option that allows you to code and see the result instantly on web browser where some payed code editor like Sublime or similar does not have option like that. Lets say Atom, another free code editor by GitHub, is also a good one, its community is so large, they have many pluggins and themes where payed ones dont have. But free code editors often are slower then payed, not all but most of them. I recommend you try them and find one that pleases you: Atom Brackets Notepad++ Light table Blue fish VS Code Thats that I know for the Windows OS, there are lot more out there, but if you want my recommendation I would say VS Code (Visual Studio Code). It is developed by Microsoft, its free, and its very good. Big community, you can install plugins, themes, supports lots of programming languages, it does have console there so you dont have to go to cmd (command prompt) to work with SQL or whatever, and what is most important its fast and stable. I havent experienced any crashes. I used to work with CodeRunner that I payed 15$ and it crashed a lot of times. I am happy with VS Code. Trust me, I spend a lot of time on Windows and then switched to Mac and became Apple freak or whatever you call it, and when Apple fan suggest you use something that Microsoft created then its really good! Of course I would suggest Notepad++ it seems like a good one. I hope it helps!
  24. Biske94

    PHP first or JS

    Hi guys I wanna ask you, should I first learn PHP or JS? I watched Stefan's video where he said its better to learn first PHP then JS but that was 2014. I ask this because when I started PHP course it said "Prereqs: You should have completed the beginners HTML, CSS and JavaScript courses." . So what do you think?