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  1. A good advice would be focus first on JavaScript, go on and make some websites. It will help you to build your foundation! After it, you can start thinking about backend development and then you can experience different techs to help you decide. Good Luck!
  2. Hi Joe, good question. I will share with you my thoughts. Your question is complicated, and I will explain why. Everyone is different and have different goals. Node, react, angular and so on is in high demand, python as well. But if you are thinking about to work as freelance than you need to play PHP, because PHP is suitable for small projects such, small companies websites. I recommend you think about yourself, your option (location) and think if you would like to work for big corporations, perhaps startups or small business, because it will have an impact on your choices. In my opinion, JavaScript is necessary if you are looking to the webdev world, if you manage to learn it and also put python or PHP on your belt, then you will have more option and opportunities as well. I hope it can help you. Happy coding.
  3. Hi Andrea, I would suggest you try ATOM and Visual Studio Code. Both are free and good, the difference is Atom is opensource and Visual is by Microsoft. I started with atom and during the last couple of weeks I am using Visual Studio and I am enjoying. Happy coding
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