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Music while coding


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I almost always listen to music, and music of all sorts. European Goth mostly, but bagpipes as well and sometimes Native American or Celtic. It has little to do with what I am doing either, more my mood. If I am angry then a lot of Linkin Park, if mellow then classical or Native. If my cubicle mate next door is being obnoxiously loud then we get into Bagpipes or death metal... something loud to drown him out.

In the end it depends on the person, some can do anything with any type of music. Some like Stef says depends on what they are doing. Some other folks may need silence. I simply don't like all the background noise and conversations around me so music of any sorts drowns it out so I can concentrate. Silence makes it hard for me to concentrate as I get bored, that is the ADHD coming through.

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