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jQuery Official Blog Hacked — Stay Calm, Library is Safe!​​​​​​​


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jQuery Official Blog Hacked — Stay Calm, Library is Safe!


The official blog of jQuery—most popular JavaScript library used by millions of websites—has been hacked by some unknown hackers, using the pseudonym "str0ng" and "n3tr1x."

jQuery's blog website (blog.jquery.com) runs on WordPress—the world's most popular content management system (CMS) used by millions of websites.
While there is no evidence yet if the server (code.jquery.com) that host jQuery file was also compromised, The Hacker News took a screenshot (as shown above) and can confirm that the hackers merely published a simple blog post to deface the website.


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On the oither hand, being open source, more good folks are snooping through it as well and any bad code is quickly found and fixed. It seems counter intuitive, but in the security community open source is considered a positive, because the code can be reviewed at all times. Code that is closed source is looked upon cautiously because we don't know what all it does and if there are poor proactices, vulnerabilities or even back doors in place.

So as we have touched on good and bad, ALWAYS download open source software from known and trusted developers and they often include a signature you can check against to ensure it is the real deal, other wise I can download opensource, stick my own coade in and offer it for download.

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