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Studioweb's Powerful Python 3!

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  • 5 weeks later...

When I did my web design in 1999/2000 they taught us some Python saying it was the future!  Bloody took long enough, I see it referenced far more now than even 10 years ago. Now if I can get my boss to give up on Java finally and use Python. Now with Firefox 52 joining Chrome in not supporting NAPI plugins and therefore applets and servlets... maybe Java can finally be retired.

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Now if I can talk our people into dropping Java and Oracle Middleware and go with Python.


Things are much the same, just rather than programming  my office has turned me into the "Cybersecurity guy" which is more fun for me. Now if I could only find some Hacker and penetration training I could afford and get certified with.

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  • 1 year later...

So I purchased the Web developers course on studioWeb.  I also purchased the Python course on killer sites.  Is the Python course different than the one on Studio Web? Because I downloaded all the videos, but is there a way to stream them on studio web. Just curious.  Thank you. 

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  • 4 months later...

Hi Stef,

I finally got around to ordering the Beginner's Python 3 Course.  I wanted to review all of your Web Developer course first, but, I'm just too itchy.  I hope, and am pretty sure, that your Python course will be as good as your Web Development course.

Thanks for your courses, and all you share in your videos.

Time to buckle down.  Two hours of coding/day.


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Hi Stef,

I have been studying your web development courses which i ordered a while ago and they are really good and explicit. I will be taking a course on bigdata with python in school this coming semester. How comprehensive is your Python program?



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Hi Demi!

My Python  course covers the foundations of Python and the Python ecosystem. You will come out of it confident in your knowledge of Python's foundations. It will serve as a great platform to explore whichever specialization you want to get into. In module 2 for example, I go over the Python career paths ... this is beyond just the coding. 


Here is the TOC:

  • Chapter 1: Introduction to Python
    • Introduction
    • Python learning tips
    • Install Python 3.6 on Mac
    • Install Python on Windows
    • Your first Python code!
  • Chapter 2: Data types and variables
    • Data Types: string and int + comments
    • Intro to Variables and Floats
    • Why so many programming languages?
    • Comments and variables - round two!!
    • Variables – behind the scenes
    • Mixing the data types string and int
  • Chapter 3: Learn Python while Drawing
    • Intro to drawing with Python
    • IDEs Explained
    • Python Loops Introduction
    • Python Loops with range()
    • Python drawing with loops
    • Python conditional statements – part 1
    • Python operators
    • Drawing with loops and conditionals – part 1
    • Drawing with loops and conditionals – part 2
  • Chapter 4: Python collections
    • Python history and Philosophy
    • Python List - introduction
    • Python List - reverse and count functions
    • Python List - len function and del
    • Tuples
    • Python Sequences Overview and Review
    • Python Dictionary / Maps continued
    • Python Dictionary / Maps – updating, inserting and deleting
  • Chapter 5: Functions and loops
    • Python PEP 8
    • Input function
    • While loops and infinite loops
    • Nerd words: keywords, syntax, statements, expressions
    • Functions, creating, calling and indents
    • Functions, simple game and flow control
    • Functions, arguments / parameters and return values
    • Function arguments and variable scope
    • Functions – multiple parameters
    • Flow control with elif and else
    • Function in functions and type conversion
  • Chapter 6: Treasure hunt game
    • Treasure Hunt Game – create function skeletons
    • Treasure Hunt Game – docstring
    • Treasure Hunt Game – function returns
    • Treasure Hunt Game – enter_cave function
    • Treasure Hunt Game – main_loop
  • Chapter 7: Python OOP
    • OOP basic concepts
    • Creating our first class
    • OOP - methods and init
    • OOP - tkinter - basic gui and objects
    • OOP - tkinter gui with an image
    • MyDoctor - class skeleton
    • MyDoctor - instantiate the class
    • MyDoctor - nerd class details
    • MyDoctor - docstring and __doc__
    • Why write Object Oriented Python Code?
    • OO - inheritance basics
    • OO overriding __str__ special method
    • Method and function default values
    • Creating and using Modules
  • Chapter 8: Files and Exceptions
    • Opening Files with Python
    • Opening Files - creating functions
    • Opening Files - creating a class
    • Opening Files - exceptions
    • Opening Files - writing files
    • Advanced exceptions / error handling
    • Reading files line by line
    • Searching files - simple line search
    • Searching files - regular expressions
  • Module 2: Python Career Paths
    • Employee
    • Freelance contractor
    • Create and sell your own Python Programs
  • Module 3: Python Specializations and Learning Resources
    • Web app creation
    • Ai and ML
    • Data sciences
    • Server processing, app scripting


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