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A New Age Of Computers & Children Programming?

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I have been seeing more and more examples of cheap computers, by this I do not mean low priced laptops, I mean full computers for less than $50 that do not look like what they are and are great for children to learn from. Not sure what I am on about?


Have a loo at some of these:


There are more out there and kits for them that include things. The point is they are small, portable, cheap... but they are full fledged computers, just without cases generally. Kids can learn by using them, even in the case of the Pi, buying a support package from Aamzon with some LED lights and simple exlectrical tools, kids can learn to program the LED lights to light up in certain circumstances or order by using some basic Python code.


I think it is great and have considered getting a Raspberry Pi to play with, even buying a Raspberry Pi to teach some programming to my Civil Air Patrol Cadets, there is a project to build a full fledged weather monitoring station using the Pi that would interest the cadets as weather is very important to flight.


So have a look around and consider giving some of these new mini-computers a go just to play with and get your kids involved. I would seem a new technological age is dawning. Soon many of you youngsters will look back at large desktop and laptop computers like we old fogies look back at room size computers and top of the line Win 97 pc's with floppies and a whopping 8 GB harddrives.

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