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21 Years Of Web Design!


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I built my first commercial website back in 1994 - nearly 21 years, give or take! A lot has changed in that time and we are find ourselves with a mature industry based on a mature process; the hectic days of old-school web design are behind us. The technology has matured. 


The Challenge in Web Design in 2015


In the past, there were a lot of technological hurdles in web design and web development. This is no longer the case - it's all been figured out. The challenge today is largely a function of usability and design - not engineering. Yes, you still have to learn how to build websites, how to properly write code, how to properly structure web sites and web apps ... but the conventions are in place; we've pretty much refined the process as a community and you have methodologies laid out for you. 


... Back in the 1990's this was all up in the air, it was the wild west of coding. 


That's all for now - I got a coffee to drink and a bagel to eat!



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You just made me wonder about other past issues... remember all that "Web 2.0" crap when it came out?


(Or my favorite Sonic commercial, "Cinnamon Rolls 2.0")


So, when can we expect Web 2.5 or Web 3.0? Inquiring minds want to know...  :huh:

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