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Just A Compliment ( / Recommendation )

Bram Wenting

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Hi everybody!


A couple of weeks ago I stumbled into the Object Oriented PHP tutorial, written by this forum's administrator (Stefan Mischook for those of you who do not know :D). After some messing around with OOP, I finally understand it! This tutorial managed what a University teacher couldn't.

So here by just a little compliment to Stefan Mischook, and for those of you at the start of learning OOP: Read it ;)!


Thanks again, and you will probably see me around sometime :)


Greetings from Holland,


Bram Wenting

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If Stef hadn't gotten into web development, he shoulda been a teacher. 'Twas his video tutorials that finally got the light bulb to go on for me too.



Love your tuts, although they would do better with a little more lightning struck into them, ie. humour

Even so, great. THe best I could find on the net =D

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