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  1. Google doesn't like linkfarms very much What you could do is create a weblog on a free blogprovider OR create a weblog on a 'new!' domain. On that domain you will start blogging frequently (with relevant information of course) and you post relevant links to relevant parts of the 'old' website (or original domain ). I also suggest (if you have not done that yet ) to optimize your old website to valid and semantic (x)html. Most of the time only this change can get you a couple +positions in Google. And does the website have SE-friendly URL's? Another thing, maybe you can create an account in Google Webmastertools, where you should upload a sitemap of your customers website. All these things CAN help you slidely to reach the #1 position of your customers website, success NOT garantueed of course, but this is what I should do Good luck! Edit: And maybe exchange links with partners or whatever people your website is working with? Just an idea
  2. Just 10,5 hours from this moment (+/-), Happy Newyear
  3. Hi everybody! Sessions are commonly used by php programmers when creating a login system or a webshop (etcetera..). A couple of weeks ago, some guy pointed out that sessions aren't as save as we think. But is that really true? Are sessions not safe for us to use in commercial scripts, in other words, should we write our own (custom) session system like (for example) PHPBB? My opinion: as long as we don't save private (un-encoded) information in sessions, we can use them in our scripts. I would love to hear your opinion! Bram Wenting
  4. Hi everybody! A couple of weeks ago I stumbled into the Object Oriented PHP tutorial, written by this forum's administrator (Stefan Mischook for those of you who do not know ). After some messing around with OOP, I finally understand it! This tutorial managed what a University teacher couldn't. So here by just a little compliment to Stefan Mischook, and for those of you at the start of learning OOP: Read it ! Thanks again, and you will probably see me around sometime Greetings from Holland, Bram Wenting
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