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What do you think? First client website made 100% from scratch!


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Very nice work - looks good. The logo - mainly the text in it, could maybe be a little crisper, but that's the only room for improvement I see.


One question so - I don't see "Designed by You" on there anywhere. On the very few sites I've done I've always put it on. Any reason why one would not want to do that? It's free advertisement.

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@virtual, thanks! Yeah, the client wanted a simple business card like website. Right up my ally! As far as Clients go, I'm still a relative newbie. Instead of learning by building for clients, I mainly learned by building sites for myself, and by building all my demos. Other than that, I've had other client sites I've inherited, and I've done a couple PSD-To-HTML, but this site marked the first client site from start to finish. What did I learn? I learned that I'm raising my rates! Building it, all the correspondence back and forth, that's a lot of work!


@Thelma, thanks! I guess when I was a client, I didn't want their (the designer's) business card at the bottom of my site. So I don't like forcing mine on theirs. That said, at this point, I might of just put a little link down there (I forgot), but with that layout, I don't think it would look good anywhere. I'll see how it looks...

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