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What Are The Html Validation Errors?


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As the name says, they are validation errors. Meaning code is not up to standard, so not valid. As to how to fix them depends on what the error is.


If you use Firefox and have installed the Web developer Add-on (it's a fantastic tool all around) under its Tool tab, it provides several validation options. Just go to whatever website, pick and click!!

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Thanks for the reply, I normally use Chrome browser because of inspect element facility, but have also installed Firefox. Please if you don't mind telling me another thing. If I am right, <!DOCTYPE html> is used to declare the version of HTML, then why a normal(means basic) HTML code runs without showing any error, even if we don't ad <!DOCTYPE> tag in the html file?

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There are online sites available where you can put your URL, and the site will return you the number of HTML validation errors in your site. My question is that what actually are these errors and how to fix them?


W3C Markup Validator tells you exactly what the problems are and how to fix it. Check it out:



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