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  1. W3C Markup Validator tells you exactly what the problems are and how to fix it. Check it out: http://validator.w3.org/
  2. Well the polishing and finishing touches is probably the longest part. I'll stay tuned for the blog.
  3. One of the best ways to improve a product is by getting honest feedback from real users. What were the most common concerns and questions from the students you talked to regarding studioweb?
  4. For social bookmarks is it better to use Addthis or just use the original code from social site's developers? Example: fb like box, like button, tweet button, follow button Addthis is convenient but i think it affects page load time which is what i'm concerned about.
  5. Backup your files and database before you make any updates for plugins, themes or core wp files. If it's a really important site I make a clone and test it there first.
  6. After Google's EMD algorithm keywords in domains lost it's power. It's better to use a brand in your domain name.
  7. I like flat design but "almost" flat design is better. Still use most of the flat design principles but include subtle effects.
  8. It's real easy. Read the bootstrap docs on how to install and setup http://getbootstrap.com/getting-started/
  9. Its easier to learn through practice and experience I bought many php books but i really only learned by application. Imho creating your own ecommerce script is a waste of time specially at your level. There are so many free open source carts out there already. Why try to reinvent the wheel?
  10. I use Bootstrap, Foundation and Skeleton for various web projects and my favorite is Bootstrap. Foundation used to be in the lead but Bootstrap 3 now has all of Zurb's features and more. Comparison 1. Bootstrap - Most features, large community, glyphicons, fontawesome 2. Foundation - Medium features, more professional 3. Skeleton - most lightweight, easiest to learn
  11. I've been doing a lot of code editing on my smartphone lately using my hosting's file manager via cpanel. Its difficult coding through a web browser. Ive tried codeanywhere but its not intuitive. Droid edit has an annoying ad in the middle. Can you recommend a counterpart of notepad++ or similiar I can use on my android smart phone? Free app preferred.
  12. It looks cool but i've never found a useful application for the parallax effect. I think straight up text content and videos can deliver messages better.
  13. Flat web design is a popular trend currently. If you're not familiar with it check out ios7 UI or Windows 8 metro look. I'm a minimalist so this style really appeals to me. What are you thoughts on the flat website design?
  14. Best place to put a physical address/ business office is in the footer and your support/contact pages. Don't forget to use local business schema.
  15. The best answer! content should be high quality and very useful. Another thing is to make content "Evergreen" meaning it will be relevant for the longest time possible.
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