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JS tutorial??? where???


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I started at w3schools.com, thought their stuff is a bit dated these days. I'd still recommend starting there, though, and learn enough so that you can validate a form on the client-side.


After that, I just did a lot of practice. Solved some problems - an automatic show/hide images script based on the element's class, an automatic stock quote display (requires PHP or other server-side code) - just whatever came to mind. Today, knowing what I know, I wouldn't take this path.


As soon as you can validate a form, start learning a framework. I suggest jQuery. A framework like this will free you from having to deal with differences between browsers, and let you concentrate on what your'e trying to accomplish.


Finally, a word on tools. Any text editor will work, but syntax highlighting is nearly a must-have. I use Aptana Studio in Windows, Vi over a SSH session, or Geany in Linux. If you're not familiar with Linux, just get Aptana or Notepad++ and go to town :)


Debugging is also important. IE's error tool really sucks, and is often vague. An example of an IE error is "Object Expected: Line 24". Now, this makes sense to me, it won't to a novice programmer. Download Firefox and Firebug. Firebug's errors are like this: "Error, Line 24: varName is undefined". MUCH better.

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I don't believe Stefan offers Javascript video tutorials. Your best bet is probably to do a web search for Javascript Tutorials, or purchase a book on the subject.


That said, it's probably best if you hold off on Javascript for now. Get a solid understanding of HTML and CSS first, and then move to Javascript.


A firm grasp of HTML is essential before going off into Javascript. I would also recommend learning at least some PHP first, as well.


Building a site is done in layers. First you generate the content, either by entering it manually, or having PHP build it dynamicly. Then you mark it up in HTML, so the browser knows how it is structured. Then you use CSS to tell the browser how it is supposed to look. Then you can use Javascript to make things look a bit nicer, or save the user some time. Javascript should never be the only way to accomplish something, as many users have it turned off, or are using a device that does not support it.


Internet tutorials on Javascript are a mixed bag. Many of them are poorly written, teach you how to do things in a non-compliant way, and in some cases, outright lie. If you ever see a JS tutorial talking about "associative arrays", as if they exist, run away!

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I'm happy to hear you liked Web Design 1 - that was my very first video I made a while back.




I am actually planning on releasing a Javascript tutorial within the next few months. In the meantime, I would suggest you jump into PHP for now because:


1. PHP is supremely useful.

2. Once you know PHP, learning Javascript will be a piece of cake.


My PHP tutorials can be found on www.killerphp.com





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go for it and check out it whole information about java script.its really good for you.


I loved w3schools, and they were my basis for learning Javascript - but I must reiterate that their tutorials are dated. Things like document.write() should never be used today.


Bear in mind that they are teaching you the language, not how it should be used :)

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I've outlined the course on paper and I'm actually starting to produce my Javascript videos tomorrow. The videos will be targeted at total beginners to programming and should be out in say two weeks.


... I will actually have a few of the videos out sooner, because they are supposed to appear in a soon to be published Web Designer Magazine. I hate it when I give myself deadlines!




For all the advanced members who want it ... just PM and I will send you copies.



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