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  1. wow... sory... i cant belive i still cant notice this simple solutions... but why does FF act so weird???
  2. this is the page- http://www.blacksmith-yt.co.il/alb/?????_????.html why the hell in FF the div#text shift to the left of the pics..??? in IE and CHROME all good.. BTW- when i delete the overflow property from the CSS file the div returns to its place.. thanks
  3. sorry BeeDev but i need to disagree on that. 1. from my knowledge google does use meta Keywords. i'll be surprised to hear otherwise (though if some one else know different i'd like to know) 2. generated description from content is more than not enough for good SEO!!! to sum it up- u paid him good money! u have to have control on those things..
  4. well if u dont mind send me... pleas i'd love to have an account.. thank u
  5. OK thats it.. every thing is in place. a summery for all the young web developers like me- problem= positioning is of set.. codes not validated.. CSS photo gallery ofset.. solution= Validate your code! get a good idea about the BoxModel (http://www.quirksmode.org/css/box.html) get a good idea about positioning and floats (http://www.w3schools.com/css/css_positioning.asp, http://www.w3schools.com/css/css_float.asp, also- http://www.quirksmode.org/css/contents.html) here is a very good exemple of a CSS photo gallery (http://www.webreference.com/programming/css_gallery/index.html) and again thank u andrea and virtual...
  6. hy stefan.. i'd like to strengthen grammy on this... i'm here over a year now... these days more than ever.. hope to join your university soon.. about Browsers and Os check... do u (or anyone) can post a good link for that? thanks
  7. i dont remember if there was a section for active posts befor but i sure am reading much more since i noticed it. (last week)
  8. hy andrea and virtual. first of all i want to thank u very much for your time and effort. i think that i am on a verge of break through in my understending of css! i changed a lot in my code and css.. i invite u to take a look on the new page - www.blacksmith-yt.co.il i have one problem in FF and Chrome (im not sure about IE8...)- when i set my hover images to be top: -0.1% those browsers makes them refer to div#site.. and not the div#nav.. why? p.s.- i need the "top" set because without it the image will be set verticaly to each tag.. p.s.2 - i use IE7 in my laptop..
  9. ok.. so first of all i've cleaned my code and it is vlidated. 1. what is nail? i didnt find it in W3school refernce... 2. to validate ny code i had to take out every element within the tag.. so now my photo gallery wont fire off.. u see now when i say- div#nav a:hover span nothing hapens... i thought mybe to put an ID to the tag or to its parent (a tag) but still nothing.. do u know how i can stay with a validate code and still can pull off this CSS photo gallery? oops.. of course it wont fire of because the span is not inside the
  10. i know about the browser compatibility problem i have... just now i start to understand those things.. and its going to take me some days to clean my code.. then validate and make it compatible for IE.. FF.. CHROME.. (BTW- if you are familiar with good resources exept www.quircksmode.com.. i will be more than happy to learn about/from them)
  11. well in all the possible resolutions in my LT the position is O.K. both in top bottom and right left. (exept of one image that is progressing right every time i decrease the resolution..) in the PC in the same settings- (1280 on 720) - the position is off.. the text size is the same (medium) the PC and LT have both IE7 but- the virsion of the PC-7.0.5730.13 128 bits of encryption } i don realy know if it makes any differnce the LT virsion- 7.0.6001.18000 256 bits of encryption /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// so- i think its have to be somthing with the width of the screen.. i dont know the actual term but like i watch videos in 16:9 in my LT so its probebly somthing to do with this.... right???? p.s.- the cleaning of the code is right now in the top of my To Do List...
  12. thankS about the syntex-i'll sure get that fixed.. i know about the but becasue i have my whole code in a mess i try to focus in the most importent issues. and for now its the different positioning in pc screen VS laptop screen. why????????????????? p.s. i cant get the link u posted... are u sure this is the right one?
  13. well Ben Monkey... i want to thank u very much for this clarification!!!
  14. hello friends.. well i have kind of the same problem so i'll post under this topic. i have a photo gallery with css style. the photos displays when i hover different menu items. the problem is the different positioning of the photo in a laptop screen and a pc screen. now it is set to be correct in a laptop.. this is my site - http://www.blacksmith-yt.co.il the photo gallery is in the landing page. just hover the navbar in the right side of the window. thanks in advance.
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