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  1. Again, I really enjoy this site, I think its great that this forum community was created. I have one issue as of now. I am in the process of starting a web design business (about a few months now - as I have been learning PHP, RUBY RAILS, and joomla), and I am in some need of direction regarding a contract/proposal framework. Can anyone guide me or provide advice based on experience on how to write up a contract? It would be greatly appreciated. It doesnt have to be a full contract, but what should I definitely not omit based on experience. I am working on this as I type. Thanks,
  2. Its not letting me access. Says I need invitation. Mike
  3. Is there another site that might include maybe a chat interface. Or a little more functionality around the 30 per month range??
  4. Thanks, I like the teamworkpm. Greatly appreciate the post Mike
  5. Thanks, What do you think about something like feng office, or 5pm? I gotta say I love this site. I just recently come across killersites, and its definitely going to be a daily stop for me.
  6. I am in the process of creating a web design team. I would like to find the best site to collaborate as a team when we are not meeting personally. I would like to be able to maybe chat, file bookmarks, store files, etc. I would greatly appreciate any thoughts on the matter, since this is my first run at this. I know there are many sites like this online, but I am looking for the site that has many features appropriate to web design functionality. Thanks, Mike
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