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For starters, you have an extra div closing tag right above your footer.


The reason the background is not showing white in your Container, is that everything in the container floats - so doesn't actually take up any space. You either have to give it a height - or better, move your footer INSIDE the container - then everything turns white.


A couple more hints:


Always use lower case for your ID and class names - less confusion.


No need to write 0px - zero is zero


No need to align center the body (that's IE5) - just adding the margin: 0 auto to the container centers it.


Use shortcuts - this:

margin: 0px 15px 15px 0px;

could be

margin: 0 15px;

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See if giving the footer a margin-top helps. And you still have an extra closing div - it's between the news and footer division.


If that doesn't do it - add a * {margin: 0; padding: 0;} to the very top of your CSS and remove the margin and padding settings from your body tag.

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An add... background-color can be just background. Padding 10px 10px can be just 10px. If your floating something and using margin (in the direction of the float) then also add display inline to kill ie6 bug. Or you can use padding to space to avoid the bug. Take away the margin and padding on the body - they're doing nothing. Remove text-align left on the container - it's not needed unless your specify other in it's parent (usually the body) which is not needed unless you care about IE5 (which you shouldn't). I assume the header is stretching the full width of the container, therefore, no need for the margin. I see you declared a height on everything, if you want those divs to grow along with the content, then remove the height. And as Thelma said, remove the px off the zeros. These are just suggestions, do with them as you will.

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Sorry Eric - I did not use display: inline on my floated elements. You mention in direction of the float. So if I am floating left - and have a Margin-left of more than 0; I would use display: inline?


In FF and IE - (From DW view) both look fine. I emailed it so I can look over today at work - and 2 divisions (Music and Movies) is moved to the right of time (Should be below Statement)? Is this because it was emailed?


Also I have a fading color for the background. I made this bg from PS Cs4. The color is blue - when I pulled up my sent email to check the page - the background is white. I also have a fading color for headings - this is a solid blue color - not faded as hoped for?


In all my dillemma:


In Dreamweaver - the IE and FF screen shows the layout to be fine


I emailed it to look over at work. I check my sent email to pull it up and the Movies and Music div's are moved. Along with the background color white - not a fading blue color. Also my headings are a solid blue color - not faded.


as always thank you -

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Hi, yes that is correct about about the floats. Never look in DW view unless it's simply to edit text. From the sounds of it, you need to setup a proper testing enviroment. Download and install all the big guys (browsers), and install firebug for FX. Then set it up in DW to open any page your working on in any browser of your choosing.

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Eric -


Thank you! I am self taught through W3Schools and articles etc. It is a tough journey but I enjoy it. When I get frustrated - I find my self still in front of the computer pounding away. That is how and why (besides my artistic background) that I know this is the career for me.




I do not think I did. On Notepad - I would download and attach photos from my Photobucket acct. I did not do that this time.


Thanks again guys!



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