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This is supposed to be simple, but I am really struggling with this.


Not helped by trying to upgrade and my internet went down, eventually did a clean re install.

I have it installed live as I have unlimited broadband, although we get a reasonable amount of downtime and it is not fast.


I cannot find a "getting started" tutorial. I've tried reading all the documentation and end up getting lost. I'm not a novice by any means as am reasonably competent in hand coding and Dreamweaver, but am just totally lost with this.


If I started editing the site that gets set up, then i lose this, how do i start a new site just so I can start playing around with layout etc.


I really need to get going with something like this as other people need to be able to edit the websites I build without the need to know HTML.


Any pointers in the right direction would be appreciated.


I have looked at the forums, but can't find anything.

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I've used CMS Made Simple a lot and though I found it confusing at first too, I did find it to be relatively simple to use. I just had to get used to the smarty template tags.


Is there a specific question you have? I can help you get started....


By the way, when I first started, I took the templates that came installed by default, pulled all the template tags, and then inserted them in my own XHTML page. Then I added that as a new template and it worked great.


Edit to add: Have you see this? http://wiki.cmsmadesimple.org/index.php/Main_Page

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Thanks for the replies.

After sweating over installing CMS Made Simple, I think I am going to stick with that for the time being.


When I first learnt to use Dreamweaver I found a book that showed you how to build your first site, and I took things from there, I had already learnt a bit of HTML and once I got going that was it.


I have now got CMSMS running on the Wamp server which should make things easier, just a slight problem with phpmyadmin, which I will have to sort out later.


Started to have a bit of a mess around here now, seeing what these tags are about and how I can alter them, or what is in them.


I like the sound of removing them and using them in your own XHTML page, and making your own template, so I will look further into this.


Probably the first question is about the way the logo is inserted, I can see where it is in the code, and that it looks to be a variable, (know a little bit of php thanks to Stefan) but can't work out how it actually works. I need to know these things!!


I shall keep plugging away at this as I don't like to be defeated, so I shall probably be about on these boards again soon.



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I know this is going to sound daft, but how do I know which stylesheet is attached to the template I am using?

I'm still working with the defaults as the beginners tutorial is lacking in what I want and is under reconstruction.


I've edited the stylesheet, but nothing seems to be happening.

I am working on local server.


Getting very frustrated with this.

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in general: look into the page source code. In the head find the line:

So style.css is a stylesheet for this particular page and is in a same folder as your page. If not, there will be address, such as "foldername/style.css"

Sometimes there few stylesheets per page are used so look for selectors you need to edit in all those sheets.

Also, look in your code for styles in the page head or in the body HTML code - they still used sometomes to overwrite external styles.

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Eric mentioned cushycms.com in this post.


I just had a chance to look at it and I'm impressed, it really not only so very simple to set up, but Oh Surprise it actually validates too... Cool

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>I've edited the stylesheet, but nothing seems to be happening.I am working on local server.

>Getting very frustrated with this.


Create both your template and your stylesheet(s). Then either in the list of templates or when you've a template opened, look for the little balloon shaped icon with 'CSS' in it. Click that, which will allow you to attach one or more stylesheets to the template.


Simple as that. :-) But it also took me a while to figure it out.



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> How do I create more than one site using CMSMS on local server?


Maybe there is an even better system, but what I'm typically doing is to install CMS Made Simple in a new sub-directory under my web-root, but point it to a fresh database in MySQL.


Example, create databases cms_client1 and cms_client2 and then the directories /var/www/html/client1 and /var/www/html/client2 (this assumes an Apache on RedHat host). Install CMSms in both directories. The two admin interfaces can then be found at http://localhost/client1/admin/ and the same for client2.



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