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  1. > How do I create more than one site using CMSMS on local server? Maybe there is an even better system, but what I'm typically doing is to install CMS Made Simple in a new sub-directory under my web-root, but point it to a fresh database in MySQL. Example, create databases cms_client1 and cms_client2 and then the directories /var/www/html/client1 and /var/www/html/client2 (this assumes an Apache on RedHat host). Install CMSms in both directories. The two admin interfaces can then be found at http://localhost/client1/admin/ and the same for client2. -
  2. >I've edited the stylesheet, but nothing seems to be happening.I am working on local server. >Getting very frustrated with this. Create both your template and your stylesheet(s). Then either in the list of templates or when you've a template opened, look for the little balloon shaped icon with 'CSS' in it. Click that, which will allow you to attach one or more stylesheets to the template. Simple as that. :-) But it also took me a while to figure it out. -
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