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Which screen size to design for.


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Just to say that it took me months to get to 70 odd posts and now I am back to square one :rolleyes:


I know it has been said that we should build for all, but surely there comes a time when those using 800x800 screen resolutions are such a small percentage not to worry about.

Such a lot use laptops with wider screens and there are more wide screen monitors around, and it makes the website look puny sat in the middle of the screen with acres of whitespace down each side. Will it be such a big issue to design for 1024x768 as the minimum width?

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gives current % for various resolutions.


A common method is to make the important information 780px wide and a sidebar to the right 220px wide with less important stuff like adverts or contact details, totalling 1000px, so that 800*600 users don't have to scroll to see the important content but 1024*768 users have a full window.

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