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Virtual Machine


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You can run other OS's off a Virtual Box, so other versions of windows or run some Unix based OS's as well as your base OS. Now you can install multiple OS"s anyways, but you have to reboot to switch between them, With a virtual box you just run it and is boots into a different OS so you can use Win7 and play Win 98 games on a win 98 OS at the same time. Switch fluidly between Windows and Linux...


Here at work we run Windows 7 now. But we have many legacy apps written with Access 97. Some of our users cannot run them on Win 7 machines so we installed Win XP on virtual boxes so they can run those apps as needed while still working on other things under Win 7 until at which time we get those apps rewritten or replaced. They work under Win XP and Access 2003 but not 64 bit Win 7 with Access 2007.


Correction: We use Virtual Machine on our Oracle servers, but are replacing that with Oracle's Virtual Box. We already use Virtual Box on our machines and will stay that way. I was mistaken previously.

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What are the advantages of using a virtual box ?


Funny I see this thread here because I was thinking of making one lately.


Is it mainly just to view the website in other browsers such as ie 6, 7 and 8 or are there more benefits?


Yes I mainly use it just to test IE6 and apple operating system.

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In a nutshell a management KVM/Qemu high end Virtualization, VirtualBox (have good old Windows 3.11 running, wanted to have some fun with QBASIC the first ever programming language I learnt to program in, had some old sessions work I used to do as a student, proper nostalgia, yes I would have to admit I am a real self confessed nerd :) ) and then my 2 live VPS's using KVM/Qemu.


I run the local management KVM/Qemu in graphical mode on a host operating system with X Windows Server (gnome), basically because I couldn't seem to get the text version working like I used to be able to do, weird as I ran through exactly what I tried doing years ago, oh well works for my needs so....

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