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  1. Yeah, the home page is something else that I am looking at sorting out. Maybe get shot of the "latest" boxes down the bottom, that would cut out a lot of options. But, the reason why I linked up the news sites is because they manage to squeeze a lot of links in very well without it looking cluttered. I could probably get about 25% of my whole site in that Telegraph format!
  2. Thanks Ben, I recently added the orange around the subscription box after seeing organge/blue on another site, and quite like it, Maybe more orange? I see what you mean about underlines - all the headers are underlined, will look at changing to nicer fonts. Cheers
  3. and just had a mail from the webhost to say that they are looking at network issues. Those guys are sharp! Right, back to the design ....
  4. I think the issue is resolved. Poor timing! Had a Pingdom alert so it was not just you either. But back up again now. Fingers crossed.
  5. strange, it is not normally like that. Looking in to it now!
  6. Hi Been a long time since I was last here, so hi again. I run my own website. I built it all myself using Wordpress. I have slightly modified a free theme (just tweaking the CSS to get it to look the way I want). However, I feel it does not have a strong image, does not impact etc.. But, I cannot work out what (or how) to change to make it a lot better. It is a article based website, 2 columns. So my thinking is that all that is needed really to make it look lots better is a snazzy looking header area and sidebar. Maybe some tweaks to content layout, fonts, colours etc. too. I have been looking at many site for inspiration but always left confused! I am not a designer. I have thought about getting a professional design done do far not seen a company who specialises in Wordpress and will not make silly changes that will ruin my navigation and architecture - it is vital that this all remains untouched. This is my website. I have been looking at sites like these, hoping for inspiration, but still not sure the direction to take. These are all mostly news / magazine sites, some really basic looking actually: Celebrity Gossip, Fashion Trends, Hair & Beauty Tips (Glamour.com UK) Latest news, sport and comment from the Guardian | The Guardian ABC.net.au Telegraph.co.uk - Telegraph online, Daily Telegraph, Sunday Telegraph - Telegraph See, I want simple, clean, with a little style. But my attempts to get there seem to be failing ... :mad: Many thanks, look forward to your opinions.
  7. Thanks, I will try Eddie's option first, then maybe wonder about the mess....
  8. I updated the background using the wordpress background tool for http://www.bumstumsandthighs.com/ and the background shows in Firefox and Chrome but not in IE 8.0.6001 I am guessing that I need to force something in for IE in the CSS manually, but cannot work out what or how. Any ideas?
  9. Cheers Eddie, will give that a go. Although I did read that Google do not support IE7.
  10. Has anyone else had a problem with getting Google+1 code to appear in IE7 ? Mine is fine in FF and Chrome but not in IE. Page site is: motleyhealth.com. The code sits between the FB share and the comments link above articles.
  11. Some Wordpress viruses are simple to remove, others a pain. First - does your webhost keep backups? How many changes / posts / comments have been made since? A good webhost will roll back the server to the last good backup for you. If this is not possibly then a clean installation of wordpress is the safest option. Backup yout database (use phpmyadmin) and your theme (although the theme files are likely hacked) and do a new clean install, insert the database and use a default template. Hopefully you have your theme files stored locally so can update the old them Next - cause of virus. Most are caused by shoddy plugins that allow people to upload content. Do any of your plugins do this? Contact form with attachment? Image uploader? My last one was caused by a plugin to allow images to be uploaded and saved to the server. Once the site is clean back up the server again. Oh, one virus I saw also infected temp files / logs. So delete these. And .... change your wp-config security keys http://codex.wordpress.org/Editing_wp-config.php#Security_Keys - if someone has access to your blog, they will still be logged in otherwise. And check for dummy users in your admin and in your database.
  12. The other plugin failed. Given up now., just settling for a static list of "popular pages". There are some advantages to doing it this way anyway.
  13. Yeah, Colchester not far from me, my nan lived there for a bit. Decided to continue to use the plugin that does work. Cannot display the content I want, but hoping the plugin writer, or another person skilled with Wordpress, will be able to come up with a solution. For now I have a working solution, or sorts. Static most popular list in the table. Not ideal, but better than nothing.
  14. THe site is alive and well. Testing in one section. Currently I am using a plugin that inserts content after a specific number of paragraphs (line breaks). I have now come across another that involves modifying single.php and that may allow php inside, to allow similar_posts. Hoping that this will allow me to use the php bit: http://www.internoetics.com/2010/02/08/adsense-code-within-content/ Currently just got some static content there.
  15. Hello I use Wordpress, and I am trying to find a way to float a table (or anything) inside the content area. The table will have to come before or after the content itself, but then be positioned in a fixed place within the content. I tried using negative margin (placing table below content) , and got it to move up, but could not get the text to wrap around (the table was on top of the text). I tried to add a positive margin (placing table above content) but could not get the text to wrap above the table. I looked into using indents for the table, but I failed with that. If you are familiar with Wordpress, then I am specifically trying to get a "similar posts" list inside the content. This is what the single.php template file looks like (part of) with the table I want within the content shown below: <?php the_content(); ?> <TABLE class="inside"> <TR><TD> <?php similar_posts(); ?> </TD></TR> </TABLE> I am aiming to get the list to appear on the left hand side, about half way down an average page. I also tried vertical align middle in the css. But if I can get it always a specific number of px that would be fine too. I am sure it is possible. I have searched/trawled the net in the hope to find a page that does it already, and failed.
  16. Hi I have just revamped EssexPortal.co.uk to give it a more professional look. It is primarily competing with the likes of Yellow Pages and Thomson Local. If is a local business directory, but also allows companies to add links. Standard listings are free, with premium pages offering more content and customised layouts. Still need to work on this area. So, how does it look? Is the design right for the task? The colours? (It was red before, need a new logo now). Does it feel right? I plan on building a community on the /news/ part (although not sure if this is the best name for this section). Currently torn between allowing more for free to improve quality of content and restricting it to make premium more appealing. So, your thoughts and opinions please.
  17. Cheers. I am going to do the update, i.e. use the Newsflash theme on the directory. Fingers crossed I can get this done as a freebie by the software company! Otherwise I'll have to do it myself. Grrr.
  18. Hi This is not so much a website review request as such, but more of a review for the current plan. I am building a directory / community for my county, EssexPortal.co.uk. For the community side I am using Drupal, and have chosen what I think is a promising theme, Newsflash by Roople. The actual directory is built using a separate directory CMS called Powerseek, and before updating the templates for Powerseek (there are many to do) I would like some feedback on the theme I have chosen. Reasons for choosing the theme: Looks stylish (I think) Clean and quick to load No tables Easily modified (some modifications are built in to the admin panel, ie. column widths). Has a nice horizontal menu The community site will mostly be articles on "things to do", "places to see" etc. with reader comments. Later I will possibly (time permitting) try to build up a forum (Drupal provides a simple forums as standard) and also invite people to write their own Essex based blogs. For now, it is simple (note that I only recently bought Powerseek, and am still in the process of transferring old "directory" listings from Drupal to Pseek). So, does Newsflash do the job in your opinion? Once I have got the two areas looking the same (maybe even both using the same stylesheets) then I can start to look at the finer points, such as a new logo, tweak the layouts etc. As always (I was jonwade on the old forum) your thoughts are appreciated. Cheers Jon.
  19. jonbey

    Events calendar

    I thought that you could change the Google calendar - http://www.google.com/support/calendar/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=37227
  20. OK, blowing my own trumpet, but on another forum I currently use "Disclaimer: Everything I say is likely to be utter nonsense." Probably does not improve my professional standing, but I am still learning this whole crazy business.
  21. jonbey

    go daddy

    What do you mean by better? Something that looks better, or something that provides more for the user? I would suggest building a site on either Wordpress or Drupal. Both are very good open source (i.e. you do not need to pay) content management systems. Both come with many freely available templates, and these can be modified at your leisure. You will be able to list similar items / posts, add a forum (with Drupal) allow people to leave comments etc. You will need a MySQL database (which even the most basic web host options should provide). However, not all servers are equal. I recently built a Drupal site for a client, and his server was not up to the task. But there are plenty of cheap servers that are better than GoDaddy.
  22. Sounds like she wants to build a custom CMS (content management system). I would suggest installing Wordpress to run the site. Will provide more opportunities, is easy to learn, and has regular updates. Maybe slightly overkill, but once she can update the homepage, she may then want to start building and updating more pages. Best to start with the right tools.
  23. I recommend the Stu Nichols menus too (i.e. CSS Play and also http://www.stunicholls.com/menu/index.html) I have been using his menus for a while now, they are really good. My favourite is the dropline, although I remove all images and use CSS to colour the tabs (better in all browsers and uses less bandwidth),
  24. I love that clear image on top idea. Something else you need to consider is preventing hotlinking. Some servers allow this through the control panel, otherwise it some code in the .htaccess file I think. People often steal your images AND your bandwidth at the same time and show them on their own sites.
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