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  1. Thank you! This looks like exactly what I need. I don't have the capability of writing an entry program, yet, and Snippet is set up for it. I've downloaded Snippet and am setting it up on my local server for testing. Thanks much, Mike
  2. I'm not sure this is the right place to ask this, but am Googled out. What I want to do is create an entry form for information on the home web page for someone who knows nothing about HTML. The idea would be kind of like an entry form for an on-line catalog where the user would add new items and these would shot up on line. This is MUCH simpler. She only wants to enter new store names on the home page. So, she finds Sally's Hobby Shop, Jane's Quilting, and Pete's Pottery. These would be added to the list of 15 other stores which show up on the front page. 1) Is this a PHP proposition? And 2) How would the form be brought up? Where would the file be placed? As you can see, I am nearly clueless about this. I've used simple PHP scripts for email and done a lot of HTML stuff, but nothing like this. Thanks to anyone who can help. Mike
  3. Hello -- in the dark here. Simple problem but I'm probably in the wrong place. A friend of mine has a basic website. She knows nothing about coding but wants to put new material on her home page by using an entry form. NOT the kind of HTML form to gather data but the kind that would put new (in this case) store names on her home page. For example, she might want to add Ajax Creations, Martha's Hobby Shop, and Pete's Pottery to the existing list of store names already present. I thought of javascript and looked for some code, but it all involves either Forms (entry to gather information) which is not what I want, or Alert boxes. I guess this would be in the nature of adding products to an online catalog but MUCH simpler. Is this PHP territory or am I way off base. As I said, I'm probably in the wrong place. Any ideas? Thanks, Mike
  4. sjhwebdesign -- Thanks -- still working on it. Not a problem. My BIG question was how in the heck to have the server read code in an html page, which, of course, it can't without htaccess. All I had to do was put a .php extension on the pages and save them that way. Spending my time tinkering. Thanks, Mike
  5. Wow, thank you. I put it into WeBuilder, the code Program I use and it looks great, BUT there is a syntax prob with this one line (I think it's this one). I don't know enough PHP syntax to find it the error. Would you look at it? The end anchor tag doesn't match with opening anchor tag. Thanks, Mike <? echo $stats['ip']; ?>
  6. Thanks for the whois address. And I'll will make the correction in the database auto increment field. Mike
  7. Sorry, one more question for sjhwebdesign. Working with MySQL a bit, I'm confused about the IP field. It's given as "auto increment." The first number given when I tested it is 7252. If it is " there ip," why is it auto incremented? The count is simple; I just count the number of times each page is visited, but why the auto increment on an IP? Isn't that an address? Also, when I revisted that page (closing the browser and reopening it) and then refreshed the browser, only 1 entry was showing. Is it set up to only list discrete visitors? Thanks, Mike
  8. THIS has GOT to be the greatest site going for PHP help! Thank you jlhaslip and sjhwebdesign for you useful help. Ok, I'm going the rename-the-pages-to-php route because I should have done that in the first place and I can't help but think that will make them more flexible. I used the database info from sjhwebdesign, adapted the database opening code for this purpose from another file I had, and it works!! (When any code I write works, I'm always amazed.) I've yet to use htaccess, though I'm sure that would work with HostMonster, as well. I'm saving that information. One question. In the IP field of the database, showing the visitor's IP, is there a way to find out, in human terms, who they actually are? Can I look up the IP address somewhere and cross-reference it to a domain name? Again, THANK YOU BOTH!!! Mike
  9. Hello, Just scratching the PHP surface. A dilemma. I did a search on the topic here and came up empty, so ... I have a site up, using Host Monster. It looks ok and the links work. I know enough PHP to have set up comment boxes to route comments to the intended targets and to be filed in phpMyAdmin in the HostMonster database so I can monitor them. No problem. But now I am trying to set up a counter (invisible) to track visits. And I am aware of the pitfalls of this as an accurate gage of real traffic, but my site is so small that I simply want an idea of who shows up there. It's a hobby site, non-commercial. The dilemma is this. All my pages are html. But I want to use PHP to set up the counter, preferably storing the results in a flat file. I understand the basics of how to read and write to one. BUT, without getting into the realm of htaccess, how can I manage to run the simple PHP counter code when all my pages are in HTML code? The server won't read it. This morning I had the bright idea of making my index.htm into index.php. Is that it? Simply save every page as PHP? The simple coding examples I Googled say things like, "Just stick this (PHP) code at the very top of the page." Yep, but of course it won't be read unless the page extension is .php!!!! I can't help but think I'm missing something VERY basic here. Thanks to anyone who can set me straight. Mike
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