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  1. I have had payments on Paypal where the money was paid into the Paypal account but only released to the seller when the buyer received the merchandise and gave his OK, that was on Ebay, kind of like an escrow. However I have no idea how you would set that up for a one time purchase out of the Ebay program. Try and check out Paypal for this type of arrangement.
  2. You need to add some padding to your boxes too, and maybe adjust the width a little. The text is jammed up at the top and is a little off center.
  3. That should make him understand what a difficult job the designer has.
  4. Missed you other post. I looked in the JS and there is a section which calculates the width and height of images if none is specified. So it would place the image in the top left hand corner. The position absolute for BsRotabox is for the slide container not for the contents.
  5. I think the size of the p tag was being generated by the JS as it was showing 316px and you had not specified a width in the CSS. However I am no JS genius. Glad you got it fixed though.
  6. Foxycart charges about $19 a month, so you would absolutely have to inform the client as he will be paying for it. The advantage is that with CSS you can completely integrate the look to that of the site.
  7. Give each box a width of say 560px.
  8. Because they are position: absolute; top: 0; left: 0; So they are showing where they have been placed. The text-align: center; is only making the text align in the center of the paragraph it does not place the paragraph within the center of the div.
  9. You set up the cart (open source or paid for) and the interaction of the cart with the gateway or Paypal, but it is Paypal or the gateway that do the actual money transaction. Depending on the cart you are using, the set up can be really easy or more complicated. If you have to advise the client on which payment platform or type of cart to use, you will have to do some homework, as there are often hidden costs, setup fees etc. I'm sure Eddie (Newseed) will chip in with a lot more information. Make sure your client pays you for the time you are going to be spending on this project.
  10. Ah the eternal problem, client's tacky taste versus web designers much better taste. Unfortunately you have to give them a product that they are happy with, and if you can't live with it, don't put it in your portfolio. I have several of those, and although I could do with the exposure, the clients like to mess around and mess up the sites and I really cannot put their awful DW resulting code into my portfolio. As you said
  11. Quite right, I forgot about that as I never use numbers to identify tags. http://www.w3schools.com/css/css_id_class.asp
  12. Firebug is not showing the class for your p tags at all, so declare them as p.1stBox instead of just .1stBox.
  13. Yes that's what he meant. When you use float you have to define a width in the css.
  14. At the bottom of the page is a link to view in html, then you can get the source files and modify them for your purposes.
  15. Thanks all, I couldn't get it to fade and if it's crashing the browser then I think I'll just scrap it.
  16. The images are 800 px wide and I use the same ones with Fancybox. I guess the supersize effect which resizes the pics to the size of the browser window might be causing a problem. Funny they work fine for me on my Mac even if I stretch the browser window across 2 screens.
  17. @ all, I have only tested this in Firefox 3.5 for Mac not too concerned with anything else until I can see if I (with a little help or a big shove can get it to work...) @webkiller, could you please explain what I need to change in the code you posted. I haven't the faintest clue about JS and also I'm not using the captions (too much work to add in all the text for each potential client) so as I eliminated the html for captions that's why I may have this problem, but I really need a more explicit explanation as to what does what. If you have the time and will that is. Thanks to all
  18. Can anyone tell me why the fade is not working in between the different images. It was working on the demo http://180virtual.com/supersized2/default.php, but once I put my pics in it stopped. The js is set to Fade. http://180virtual.com/supersized2/cr-supersize.php the js file is at http://180virtual.com/supersized2/supersized.2.0.js
  19. Have you looked at Stu Nicholls pure CSS drop down menus http://www.cssplay.co.uk/menus/dd_valid.html
  20. Thanks guys, not quite what I was looking for. I was thinking of putting the jquery slider in an iframe and then loading a new slider into it. I did find a script, unfortunately the coding was too complex for my level of knowledge, so I decided to just swap out the entire page.
  21. Hi Guys, I'm developing a site for a photographer and would like to find a photo gallery that cycles through images but also has a secondary navigation to go to other sets of images. There are several different categories of photo, outdoors, sports, portraits etc. and I would like to be able to replace them out on the same page. Does anyone know of one, I have been looking on the internet but couldn't find a concrete example.
  22. You can tell IE8 to act like IE7 <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=EmulateIE7" />
  23. There is this site which shows pricing and availability when you hover over the dates. You just link to it from your site and update it online. http://www.rentalcalendar.com
  24. Check the colour settings for your printer, they might be set to a different standard.
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