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  1. Hello again Team! I would like to know how to properly use the JS "reloadPage" function. I want to force a visitors browser to refresh when they enter my site so any changes I've made since their last visit will be what loads. I think this is the right function: function reloadPage(){window.location.reload()} What I need to know is...how do I call this function so that it only refreshes ONCE. I tried <body onload="reloadPage"> but that makes it refresh continuously. Or do I have to tweak the function itself? I'm not that versed in JS yet, as you can tell. Thanks for any help forthcoming.
  2. Thanks again virtual! I'll adjust accordingly. Just as soon as I bring in some more firewood!
  3. Thanks virtual! That last one did it! the width:560px; worked...now could you tell me why? The paragraphs center perfectly in DW CS4...even without the added width attribute.
  4. Where are the paragraphs positioned top:0;left:0;? The position:absolute; applies to the div bSRotaBox, but that positions the DIV, not it's contents, right? And it is positioned at top:510;left:82; I haven't had this problem before. The text-align:center; has always centered the text in the div. What am I missing here? Sorry to be so dense, but I AM just learning. And I AM enrolled in KillerSites Univ. Does the jQuery Cycle Plugin affect the placement?
  5. Thanks Ya'll! Actually I remember that I can't use a number as the first character in the classname...but now I remember it MORE! Now the paragraphs are properly formatted, but not positioned as the CSS calls for. They won't center in the div. I'll try a few more things...but if anyone has a suggestion...?? Thanks again.
  6. Hello again oh Wizards of the Web! I'm trying to use the jQuery Cycle Plugin on a new page of my website (view at www.todaystruth.com/NewBSPage.html). I haven't yet linked the rest of the site to this page. The plugin functions as advertised. My problem is that the paragraphs I am cycling are not picking up the CSS I assigned to their respective classes. Am I missing something here? I admit I am a bit new to jQuery. Thanks for any help/advice.
  7. Thanks, newseed, but what about all the other visitors? Is there no way for MY website to initiate a "refresh"?
  8. Hello again folks. Is it possible to force a "refresh" when a visitor opens a page on my website which has been updated since their last visit? Every time I update a page, my son has to be told to refresh the page in order to see the changes. Thanks in advance! -Woody
  9. Thanks again, Kyle. Looks like I need to completely "re-think" my website construction.
  10. Thanks Ben, Kyle, and Wickham, for your informative responses. I will endeavor to make use of this new knowledge as I continue my Web-related pursuits.
  11. Thanks again Ben. Any suggestions as to where I could learn how to do this?
  12. Hi there...Can anyone tell me why someone would turn javascript OFF on their browser (assuming that's where it is done)? I'm learning jQuery, etc., on Killersites U. and I'd like to know before I load up my site with JavaScript. Thanks in advance.
  13. Thanks Ben...Just asking the questions made me see that the trailing "/" on the url was indeed making the browser look for a directory rather than a file. I didn't realize that was what it was doing. I just always saw the trailing slash on other urls and thought it was how you did things. I'm that much of a "Newbie" you see. Anyway, thanks again...and thanks for your tutorials on the PHP section of KSU.
  14. Ben...maybe what I did (see last post) didn't actually fix anything. I just discovered that if I trail my url with a "/" (, the js doesn't work on either browser, but if I omit the trailing "/", then it works on both. Any thoughts?
  15. The page just "blinked" and nothing else happened...but now it works. I opened the htdocs folder in Firefox and went to Tools > Folder Options > View, and the "Hide extensions for known file types" was already UNchecked...but under the "Manage pairs of web pages and folders" option the "Show and manage the pair as a single file" button was selected, so I changed it to "Show both parts and manage them individually". Now the page works in Firefox also. Could you possibly explain just what that did? I haven't a clue what it is talking about, but it fixed that particular problem, or seemed to.
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