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  1. I would say it's a hosting problem. I upload videos all the time using DW. However, just to be sure, try uploading it with another FTP program, Filezilla for example, it's free.
  2. Another good way is getting quality back links to your site. By that I mean, links to your site from a lot of other sites preferably with high page rank and relevance to the content of your site.
  3. As Thelma says, you can name div tags anything under the sun. However it is best to name them according to their use, so it is easy to see what exactly they do. Don't confuse yourself by naming a div tag body, is an html tag.A simple set up, and by no means the only one, would be as follows: Your heading info here using a tag and possibly your navigation All your footer info in here The indentation helps to visually divide your page into sections and I personall
  4. 301 redirect scripts" htt p://ww w.webconfs.com/how-to-redirect-a-webpage.php
  5. Very nice, I like it. Just the blue shadow around the content is a little bright in the middle part.
  6. Your internet address link does not work.
  7. virtual

    text not changing color

    Well it is blue for me in Firefox 3, have you linked the css file or are you using internal css, you might not have linked it properly.
  8. I don't think it matters whether you learn graphic design or web design first. However, you will need to learn HTML and CSS first together and if you are familiar with Photoshop and Illustrator you will then be able to design and build static websites. Once you have a good handle on that, you can move on to learning the programming languages. I wish you luck with both, it is difficult to be good at both aspects because of the left brain right brain syndrome.
  9. virtual

    validating with flash

    As LSW says, only the purists use the method I mentioned in the previous post. Otherwise don't bother as long as the rest of your code validates. I noticed that you still have an issue with a tag.
  10. virtual

    validating with flash

    That is the problem with Flash. There is a workaround which can be found at this address ww w.alistapart.com/articles/flashsatay/
  11. As Thelma explained, it would be better to put your line "Links to Local Golf Sources" within an tag which you could then style and the rest of your paragraph in tags.
  12. I guess you are on a budget or you would be hiring a professional, so here are a couple of links to point you in the right direction. Remove spaces from the links: ww w.logomaker.c om/ This site will create a logo for you based on your choice of symbol and text. ww w.getfreewebdesigns.c om/ Template based site with loads of web designs, to give you an idea of colour schemes. You can also download the templates and use them for free.
  13. I would delete Firefox from your preview list and then add it back in again. If you need the exact steps to do this I can tell you.
  14. If you are using a template there are some regions which are editable and other that are not. To make changes to the locked regions of a template you must detach the document from the template. You can find instructions on how to do this in DW help.
  15. Go to System Preferences - In Hardware go to Keyboard and Mouse - Keyboard Shortcuts, there you can change the keys to anything you want.
  16. virtual

    area for links

    That is because you have no containing for the whole of your web page which you could then centre on the page using margin: 0 auto. When you set up a web page you should divide it into sections - to give you a basic idea Content for header goes here
  17. Well no one else here has tackled this so far, so here is my humble opinion, and I am not even going to mention the validation issues or the mix of inline and linked CSS. To me your site does not look professional. Besides not understanding what it's about, although I do have a vague idea about the stock market, there is no specific information on your site explaining what you do. That's fine if your clients already know what they want, but for someone who is looking for information and who happens on your site, it would be take a look, don't understand and leave. From a design point o
  18. If your web site is going to be viewed internationally you need to use UTF-8. It is able to represent any character in the Unicode standard, yet is backwards compatible with ASCII.
  19. virtual

    background color

    The class tag needs to be on the tag because that is the state which is changing colour, not the tag.
  20. virtual

    background color

    Glad to help out
  21. virtual

    background color

    In your CSS you should put #nav1 li a.current { background: #AED3D9 url( selectedMenu.jpg?z=16168 ) repeat-x; color: #000000; } and in your html page Dry Cleaning Articles
  22. You do not have to partition your hard drive if you buy software such as VMware or Parallels. They cost about $80 and you can try them for free for 30 days. I have VMware and it is a breeze to install and run. It is invaluable to test web sites cross platform and cross browser. You can then use a stand alone version of IE6 and a regular version of IE7, plus Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera for Windows or any other windows program that you may care to use. As everyone here says all the time, code for Firefox and then test in IE6 and IE7 and fix. Here is a list of all the fixes from I
  23. That is why patience is a virtue, or again "All will come to those that wait". I always run late because I hate to wait, I know it's not very polite to those that have to wait for me, I like to think they do so because "I'm worth it" to coin an ad...LOL:D
  24. virtual

    Alignment issue

    In Firefox, Opera and Safari it shows up under the banner. Add 20px to the top margin in the sidebar div to move it down the page.
  25. virtual


    I could open your web page, but to find the FLV file I had to go to Movies, and clicked on Randy Trentham's Yoyo Demo and the FLV played fine for me. But I am a MAC with Firefox.
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