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  1. Ah, after waiting a few hours, it finally showed up:) Strange, I wonder what causes this delay - unique to favicons it seems. Thanks everyone for your help.
  2. I'm in Firefox also but still seeing the Megento Favicon. Aggggghhhh! I'm ready to beat my machine up!
  3. Interesting. That's what it should be. I'm seeing the Magento icon still. I have emptied my cache and refreshed my browser. What browser are you viewing in Andrea/Wickham?
  4. Wow, now I'm even more confused. I have uploaded the correct .ico file several times to the root folder. I have no idea why the Magento one is still showing. Could this be a bug or something in Magento? I'm sooooo confused!
  5. OK, I have done that. I changed the URL to look for the .ico fil in th website's root folder now (http://customhcg.com/favicon.ico'>http://customhcg.com/favicon.ico). The Magento favicon is STILL showing. As you can see if you go to the home page of this website (http://customhcg.com)....this is the correct favicon that is pulling up just fine for the home page but for some reason NOT for this page I am having problems with - even with changing the URL to the .ico file in the root folder (as you recommended). ???
  6. OK, no I'm really confused. I have changed the .ico path to an absolute path. When you view page source code and click on the .ico link....it clearly shows the correct favicon image (green leaf). But the page is still showing the Magento default favicon in the browser. Can anyone figure this out? I'm totally lost now.
  7. Hmm, I'm not quite sure what you mean Andrea. How did you find that path? The path I see when I view source code is just... <link rel="icon" href="favicon.ico" type="image/x-icon" /> ...which means its in the same folder as the html page itself, correct? ...and what are you seeing that's pink??? Thanks Kit
  8. kitster79

    Favicon Question

    Hi, I am having trouble displaying the favicon on a a particular page... http://customhcg.com/ebook/download.html As you can see from the path, this page is not in the root site folder, but I think I have pasted in the favicon code into the header of the page correctly and made sure that the path of the .ico file is sitting in the same folder as this html page. I'm stumped! I dont know why the Magento favicon is still showing. Thanks in advance for any help. Kit
  9. Ah, I know I had asked you before....I was scratching my brain to remember what the resolutions was;) I wont forget this time. Sorry to bother you again for the same thing and thanks for the help Ben. Kit
  10. kitster79

    Black Background

    Hi, I cant seem to figure out why there is a black background to my table in this html email... http://customhcg.com/htmlEmails/2011_01_18_shakes/index.html I have searched through ALL my code and I do not see a bgcolor:#000 anywhere. Am I missing something here? Thanks in advance.
  11. Ah yes, thanks for the help.
  12. I have uploaded all files for an image button. But for some reason the image is not showing when I view the page on the sever. It shows up fine when I view on my local machine but not online. I know that the image has been uploaded correctly as you can see at this path.... http://www.customhcg.com/eBook/images/btn01.png ....but as you can see here, the image is not showing up in my #btn http://www.customhcg.com/eBook/download.html Really strange, as all looks fine when I view the page on my local machine. I have attached screenshot of what is looks like on my local machine.
  13. kitster79

    White Gap

    Perfect. That's it. I used some old source code for this project. I must have missed that. Thanks very much.
  14. kitster79

    White Gap

    Can anyone tell me where there appears to be a thin white gap at the top of this html email I have created? (it's in between the yellow paragraph text and the first product "Special Fusion Speaker Package Pricing"... I'm pretty sure I have removed all margins/borders/padding but I just cant figure out why this white space is appearing... http://vojodesign.com/proofs/writerLearning/htmlEmail Thanks in advance... Kit
  15. Genius! Thanks Ben - much appreciated. Great new look site by the way. Love the home page graphics. Hope you are selling lots of tutorial vids:)
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