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  1. Thanks to all. This has been helpful. I would like be good at both but I know html and programming languages are going to be my hardest to learn. So I think I'm going to tackle those first. I understand that illustrator is a vector based program but I would be mainly using it for logos. Otherwise, I would be designing everything else in photoshop which I already have a decent background in. As for content, most of the site would be either for personal or personal business related in which I already have a pretty good ability for copy (as long as it's something I'm passionate about). Anyways, I appreciate the input thus far.
  2. I am obviously a newbie at this but have a few questions that I just can't figure out myself for some reason. Even though I've checked out a few different websites. My conundrum is as follows: I would like to learn html, php, and javascript languages to build dynamic, fun, and functional websites but I also want learn graphics design so that I can have some great looking websites to showcase the websites. I guess what I'm asking is should I learn graphics design first or web design first? I'm already really familiar with Photoshop CS4 which makes it a little easier on Illustrator CS4 but I would really like to know where everyone stands on this. Thanks for reading and I look forward to your responses:)
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