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  1. What browser are you using? Is anyone else seeing the misalignment?
  2. We still need to get our marketing message correct to the users. What is our value add, and make that clear, but it is getting there. You're very insightful. We track the performance of all our features, and that feature gets very little use. What do you think of using it for announcements?
  3. The site should be faster now, although we still need to work on making it even faster . . . shared hosting sucks?
  4. One of our design friends gave us some quick tips and ideas. Implemented most of them, and the homepage looks a lot more professional. Trader Bots Would love some thoughts on what else we can improve on. Also, does anyone know of any websites that have a really usable homepage. Preferably, something that operates under the Freemium or Subscription business model, but we're interested in looking at examples of anything that isn't a blog.
  5. Just had a round of usability studies. Turns out our last design was pretty bad. Amazing what you learn by watching your users. After a lot of work, and design reviews, we think we have something much cleaner, easier to use, and easier to understand. See our new design: Trader Bots Do you have any advice on anything else we can improve? Our main questions are 1) What is confusing? 2) What features are missing that a user might want? 3) What can we improve in general Let us know what you think.
  6. Yeah, I might kill the Google ads. They're doing awfully. The Facebook is starting to pick up. I guess people are starting to understand the value of the site. What do you guys consider "a few" fans? I'm wondering where the psychological line is.
  7. Your criticism is well put. The inline/linked css I'm still playing around with until the look and feel solidify. Then its all going linked for the most part. I'm not very concerned about validation issues. Should i be? The professional thing is a huge problem. My gf says the same thing, and you're right. i'm not sure how to fix that. Tweak by tweak I'll keep working on make the site easy to understand. I have a friend who's like you. I use him as a measure. Until he gets it, my work is not finished. The color thing is tough for me. I'm terrible with colors. Black and gray I always looks decent (think black and white photograph). When I put color, I do such a terrible job it looks awful. I'll work on that. The facebook point you brought up is very interesting. Anyways, thanks for your help. Looks like a lot of work to still tackle.
  8. I updated the site with the blue module. Hopefully it makes the site clearer about what our intended user scenario is. My gf thinks it's too big. thoughts?
  9. I created a new website with some friends about trading systems and stock analysis. We're designer N00bs. Trader Bots I spent a suprisingly long time reworking the header, and the littlest things can make a world of difference. I wonder what else I should improve to make it more usable. Also, is the color scheme to drab? Lastly, do you get it? The concept I'm trying to convey might be a little opaque, so I'm not sure if I'm conveying the value proposition of the website very well. What would you impove? Thoughts?
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