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  1. Updated my site, put a fancy background in I built myself (insert cheesy smile from overwhelming sense of accomplishment ) So easy but felt good to be able to figure something out with a little work behind it. I started looking at the site and its layout. I feel like theres more I could do (or learn) but have hit a mental creative road block. Is there any suggestions as to what else I could possibly look into adding a little more flare to the site? By flare I dont mean anything to flashy just something to kinda give the site some eye catching material? Ive done a few things here and there but ended up taking stuff out in the end. Im having troubles with the people im making the site for and getting them to understand what a webpage is all about. In the end it feels like I should just put up a big phone number that flashes instead of a site. Information wise it seems like I have to leave people in the dark about certain aspects of the business. Not that this is a shady operation but the owner is all about the FACE TO FACE aspect of business and flinches when I mention setting up an email for him so people can contact him this way as well. One thing I thought about was putting up some kind of visual aid of what people might want concerning the size of the garage. Maybe show some sizes and put different size cars/trucks/bikes/ect to give people a better idea of what they will need. Again the help is very much appreciated!
  2. I went back and read a few posts and got back to this. Id like to do this but im running into some issues. Id like to have his phone numbers and times like stated above by Im in the top header. But im running into positioning problems both ways ive tried it. Maybe theres a way im not aware of? Right now ive tried just putting the text into header div and attempted to move it to the top right or bottom right of the div. Ive also tried making another div inside the header div and used margins to put it where I want. With this ive found that entering margins for this div somehow effects margins of other divs.....How do I avoid this and what would be the best route to puting this info in the header div?
  3. Did what you said, worked for the most part. Is it possible to have the image just to the right of the Table? And do you mind explaining what the does exactly?
  4. Added an image after some Text and its not quite lining up to where id like it to. ww w.grar ebuild ers.co m/cont act.ht ml The image some how falls down below its div and gets behind other images on the bottom. Any ideas as to what im doing wrong?
  5. bah, thought I tried that, i must have done something wrong. thanks it worked
  6. But would putting a (-) in the domain name hurt it any? or is it possible? ie www.gra-gargebuilders.com ? The actual business name is GRA R.E. Builders GRA (Garages, Remodeling and Addtions) R.E. (His initials) I found putting anything like : GRA, RE Builders, GRA RE Builders. Only gets me hits on "REBUILDERS" and stuff associated with "GRA" in the first title of the name. I want to keep with the GRA as much as possible but I wanna really drive home the "Garage Builders"......
  7. My above site is giving me troubles again. I revamped it a little with more stuff ive learned via web and these forums. If you look at the site theres a "space" above the container (the top of the browser and the upper portion of the webpage) I cant for the life of me figure out why its doing that. Any ideas? Also got to thinking about the domain name and some better ideas for it. Is it bad practice (or something else) to use -'s in your domain name? I noticed a lot of the domains that would work well are pretty much taken, but something like www.gra-garagebuilders.com I think would look good and provide better hits to this site. It contains his companies name (GRA) and has garage builders in the domain name....lemme know thanks again for the much appreciated help!
  8. Thanks for the conditional comments! Which do you suggest? Question for you though. How do I fix my site with these conditional comments so that IE views them properly? For example ive been revamping the site I built with things im learning along the way. I added a bordered edge to my container div to make it pop out more. Firefox shows it just as I built it (or as it should look) but IE doesn't show anything period. Its funny how something like Dreamweaver (which I assume to believe is one of the leading HTML writers?) helps create the site and the only thing that apparently understands or views the code properly or the way it should be viewed is Firefox....(possibly others but FF and IE are the only 2 I currently test under) So basically what I am asking is, how do I know how to write the code correctly for IE? Is there some HTML 4.0 IE Optimized I dont know about? If theres a post about this please point me in its direction and again thanks for the help!
  9. Noticed "Google Adwords" any thoughts on this or other products like it?
  10. Interesting. So my best bet is to have a good title containing the information thats likely to get put into the search engine? Even after ive done that it could take hours, days, weeks, months for either or any search engines to find the site and list it? I changed the sites title anyways, removed any abbriviations because that seemed to cause more problems also. Instead I put "Gara ges Rem odels Addi tions with Ro nnie Eiv ens De s Mo ines Io wa and Surrou nding are a's". This title contains what he does, what city and state, and his name. That should pretty much narrow it down I would think. Any other ideas to further along his hits?
  11. How can I get more hits to a site using google and yahoo? Ive read using meta tags anymore isnt as helpful as it used to be thanks to people abusing them. How exactly does a search engine find websites? Gonna do more research but any help is appreciated.
  12. Put a space in the link above, finally got around to reading the rules.....
  13. Some day id love to get into web design as a profession but dont have the time with current scheduling and family to get any schooling done other than what ive researched on my own. But I was curious as to what some might charge for different sites? I just made a simple site with dreamwearver that ive posted in other posts and was given 200$ for making the site and the client paid the fee for putting it up on a server with a new domain. Was 200$ to much for that site? Any info is appreciated as always!
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